LJ Shen – The Kiss Thief Audiobook

LJ Shen – The Kiss Thief Audiobook

LJ Shen - The Kiss Thief Audio Book Free

The Kiss Thief Audiobook Download


This book It was incredible. It was a wonderful experience.-Slow, wrenching-A moving and delicious read that left me feeling like I would have just finished the question. Francesca Rossi is a favorite character of mine that I have read. book. She is resilient as well as endure with a do no damage (despite all the injury that has actually been done to her), yet take no s *** attitude as well as it radiates throughout the whole publication. Wolfe is warm and attractive and also dangerous however, for me, Francesca/Nem/Frankie/ Siren, took the freaking program. She was so sweet, I could feel my heart breaking when she was suffering and smile when she was happy. Halfway through the book bookI was able to see that I didn’t value anything except her HEA. While I was able to see who she wanted, I didn’t like her HEA.

These publications often show women who are victims of circumstances. She would be easy to quit and lose the fight that she was fighting. There were moments when I, the reader, thought that I would quit. The Kiss Thief Audiobook Free. Despite the fact that her heart and spirit were broken, she persevered. It was amazing to witness the happily ever after unravel.

Wolfe Keaton is a wolf dressed in wolf’s clothing. It was moving to see his transformation from a hardened, harsh male to someone who was more humble, humble, and willing to “stoop” to satisfy a single person. Amazing love stories can be made from watching them blossom into such a beautiful couple. The Story and the personalities have eaten me, stressed and hypnotized. They are loaded with love, hate, disgust, power, distress, and luxury that kept my heart racing, and also made me feel like a butterfly swallowing.

You are about to witness the most brutal alpha male ever, more than Troy and Ferocious with one another. Wolfe Keaton is horrible, cruel, and has no grace for anyone. However, he is sooooo pretty, he thawed me panties, gave me goosebumps, and made me flush many times. He won my heart, however. He is so happy, the sweet way that he cares for the heroine, wow!-new fascination. MY TOP BOYFRIEND IN BOOKS EVER!!!

Francesca is a charming, beautiful, and strong woman. Her way of talking with the plants made my heart thaw. She also dealt with difficult circumstances with grace. She is everything I seek in a heroine. I LOVE HER!!

The It is amazing to witness the explosive attraction and excitement between the personalities. The slow burn can also be quite impressive. They are so addictive that I cannot stop thinking about them. THEIR LOVE IS SOOO TEARING-JERKING. SO PASSIONATE as Well As EMOTIONAL. Everything I want in a romance. The Waiting and expecting were both worthy! This story was my favorite! A fish story… she was his fate.

This lady was destined to live a life that she had no control over. Even though it seems like a prison at first, she will be freed.

I loved these characters and their many facets. LJ Shen – The Kiss Thief Audio Book Download. I was kept guessing and wondering by a few weaves. But it was an extraordinary, and yet unique, romantic experience. It will be an emotional rollercoaster ride of anger, stress, and broken hearts. You will be amazed at the beauty, lust, hatred, forgiveness, indecisiveness and acceptance, as well as LOVE. The flight is not only attractive.

There’s beauty in pain. Once you find the one that can alleviate your pain and heal your heart, you will never let go.

LJ Shen – Dirty Headlines Audiobook

LJ Shen – Dirty Headlines Audiobook

LJ Shen - Dirty Headlines Audio Book Free

Dirty Headlines Audiobook Download


You enjoy a filthy lifestyle.-Talking, all-alpha, unfiltered, a$$h0le. It is also absolutely beautiful that you discovered him!

This story is so heartwarming! You will be astonished at his supremacy and unclean speech. His bedroom skills make dreams possible. He knows what he wants, and how to achieve it. He is confident and ready to handle any situation. This sense of self-confidence and control is so extremely appealing on Célian.

Jude is struggling. After a split, Jude is now looking for work and taking care of her dad who is unwell. It all hit the fan. Dirty Headlines Audiobook Free. She meets an unfamiliar, evasive man while she is drowning in her sorrows at a bar. He’s beautiful, so why not give it a shot. One evening, no holds-He is then permanently barred, and he will never be seen again. This seems perfect.

After her night out, the points start eventually forming. She just got a job at a prime news station. Her life will change completely.

Célian is a successful news mogul. He is a straight shooter who never backs down. He takes his newsroom organisation seriously. If it isn’t working, you are out. Jude is Jude’s brand.-new employer!

There was so much happening between them. These two were electric, and the push and pull was intense. Jude could give comparable to she obtained as well as never ever holds back in placing Célian in his place. Célian satisfied his suit! You are now the follower! It’s going to get hot!!

An excellent story is made of keys, deceit, and the addition of a lot of insane ex lovers. Célian was every little thing I had wished he would certainly be as well as extra. Celian delivered a unique page turner, as well as a brand new experience.-Favorite new book boyfriend. I certainly require a Célian in my life. One of my favourite stories in 2018!! Ms. Shen She has done it again!

What will you do with your life after you have completed one of the most powerful stories of the year? Gahhh!!!! It was 2 nights of sleepless nights, but it was well worth it. Filthy headings is an epic tale. It has the unique style of the author that hooks readers from the very first web page. However, it is also different than any other thing she has actually written. It is lighter and more funny, which made me laugh out loud.

An attractive, warm, rich, fascinating, intense, impressive tale that captured my attention and left me in love with it.

My brand is Celian and Jude-L.J.’s new preferred couple ShenThey have an electrifying chemistry and are a tourist attraction as well as warm. Their sex scenes are some of the best I’ve ever seen.! LJ Shen – Dirty Headlines Audio Book Download. These characters * sighs * owned my spirit and also heart!! I promise you’ll love their banter, small talk, and the spark that lights up when they challenge one another at work, as well as the warm sex scenes.

Celian is L.J.’s regular Alpha.Celian is smart, sarcastic and a regular Alpha of L.J. With his heart of stone and fierce style, he reaches Vicious, making you feel like you’re burning. However, it’s also a personality that, underneath his hard exterior, seeks to be loved. Celian is my new favorite publication sweetheart.

Jude, like many heroines of the writer is one.-Of-A-Kind, sweet, loyal, kindhearted, strong and dedicated. She also loves to be witty and sassy. She is also the only Celian who stands up for her. She is my favorite.

The story unfolds slowly and gradually, lust and power give way to enjoyment; secrets, revelations, and spins in history left my jaw dropped and had me on the edge. We also witness a transformation in the main character as his hard exterior and cool heart melt away. Also, we are able to see his hidden emotions.

L.J. is without a doubt the best. Shen This is one of my favourite writers. Her ability and talent are limitless. She wraps viewers up with her magic and makes them feel part her stories.