Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audiobook

Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audiobook

Amanda Foody - Ace of Shades Audio Book Free

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This publication is one of my greatest shocks of From 2018 to now, it touched me deeply and kept me hooked until the end. (And past, I am currently following the 2019 sequel King). of Fools).

New Reynes is the City! of Wrong, where gangs rule streets and Casino site households rule everything else. Enne Salta’s adoptive mother, however, has not been able to return to her home after a trip in New Reynes. However, she took care of She needed to send a letter house with her name – Levi Glaisyer – so she headed to the City for her summertime vacation to find Lourdes. This city is not for the faint of heart. of Heart, as well as Enne must learn how to navigate an area of She will be able survive if she has the keys and games.

This book It had a strong start and kept me hooked until the very last page. The pacing was excellent, as well as characters that were so rich in depth that I felt I knew them. Foody masterfully shares information of I am able to walk the streets of the globe by reading the description so slowly and succinctly that it does not feel overwhelming.

Guide is told through rotating viewpoints of Enne and Levi Salta are two characters that are as diverse as day and night but have been linked together since Lourdes created his name on an envelope.
— > Enne has been propelled right into a world as well as circumstance that she wasn’t suggested for in the search to locate her mom. Ace of Shades Audiobook Free. 17 years of Ages, dancer from the finishing institution looking forward her launching into society. She is a sucker for sweets, and I admire her determination to find her mommy and be a stranger in an unfamiliar place.
— > Levi has actually been hardened by his years, a master of Cards and the head of The Irons. He is almost 18 years old and wants to do something. of himself. Levi is bisexual, black and I love his empathy.

Additionally, there are actors of Additional personalities are just as rich, loving, and flawed. Jac is Levi’s best friend, and also a true gem. Lola is an unwilling addition to the trio. I’m actually looking forward to seeing more. of Their backstory in King of Fools.

The magic system of this world is genetic. Every person has both a major and split skill. The last name of an individual is what represents the main skill. This is a simple way to evaluate a person’s position within culture.

Foody Created a brand-New dream globe with a rich and deep history/mythology. I have to admit that it was sometimes difficult to keep everything straight at times, even though worldbuilding is done slowly and builds on nuggets. of Information previously provided.

It was definitely a pleasure Ace of Shades It is full of One characteristic I loved about fantasy was its vivid world, complex political history and complex characters. It is fast.-This is a fast-paced story that incorporates everything I love about fantasy. Just make sure you have the ability to keep it all straight, as the worldbuilding is extensive! This is a great start to what I’m certain will be an extraordinary trilogy. I cannot wait to continue the series! Please note that I did read ACE OF TONES several times. of It was in manuscript form many years ago. It was a wonderful book that I enjoyed at the time.

First, Enne was not ashamed. of Being ladylike while being into make-up-While working, you can get up and move around. Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audio Book Online. Many YA publications feature “solid women characters”, which deal with both masculine traits and pooh clothes and makeup, and the ladies who like them. This publication isn’t for me. I value it because as someone who can be efficient at being amazing at my job as well tearing down patriarchy, while wearing a manicure and sparkly clothes, as well a bold lips, this is an excellent publication. It’s important that teens see that it is possible to be both incredibly feminine and a badass.

This also gives us the opportunity to see. book A sight of It’s not something to fear when women consider sexuality a normal part of life. Enne is curious about the dancers at the casinos and her body. She wants to know how to make herself feel good and what it means to have the desire to. The whole experience is refreshing.

ACE OF SHADES, most importantly, is fun. All of this happens over the course. of About a week, it moves really fast, and considering that it has double POV, it allows us to see a lot. of The criminal underworld, a lot of The dust under everything of It’s glamour and also beauty. Enne, Levi and her mommy try to figure out what has happened. It is complicated by Levi’s economic problems as well the unstable political environment. of Reynes New.

Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audiobook

Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audiobook

Amanda Foody - Ace of Shades Audio Book Free

Ace of Shades Audiobook Download


I knew this was going to be a great book. However, I wasn’t ready for the way it held me captive and swept me up. This is how it turned out. book It is a masterclass of worldbuilding and setting up. I cannot get enough of New Reynes, and the thrills as well as the risks that come with them. From St. Morse’s gambling establishment to Scrap Market, and the Street of The Holy Tombs – Since the first time I saw it, I have never felt so charmed by an imagined place.

But the Darkness Video Game is not only about the setting up and worldbuilding. Volts are money! road gangs!) The characters were what made this book irresistible. Ace of Shades Audiobook Free. Enne is only one of My favorite YA lead character, Levi– LEVI! He is a great character, but I also intend to get in on his fun. of It is now. This is called a book Where the villains really are villainous but the heroes aren’t perfect, it’s the City of Sin, nevertheless. This book Needs to be one of my greatest shocks of From 2018 until now, it touched my deeply from the very first sentences. It also kept me riveted till the end. of Fools).

Invite to New Reynes City of Sin, where gangs rule all streets, and Casino Families control everything else. While Enne Salta’s adoptive mommy was unable to return home after a trip to New Reynes due to illness, she took care of So she sends Levi Glaisyer a letter with her name in it. She then heads to the City for her summer break to find Lourdes. This city is not for the faint of heart. of Heart and Enne need to learn to navigate a place of Video games and secrets– but will she be able to get through it?

This book It had a solid starting that pulled me in today, and kept me captivated till the end. There was superb pacing and personalities that were so rich that I felt that I could recognize them. Foody masterfully shares information of The world is presented slowly and succinctly, so it doesn’t feel like an information dump. I also feel like I can actually walk the streets.

Guide is informed from the rotating perspectives of Enne Salva and Levi Glaisyer, characters as varied as the rest of us but unified by Lourdes’s writing of his name on a piece of paper, are both Enne Saltas as well as Levi Glaisyer.
— > Enne has actually been thrust right into a globe and scenario that she had not been implied for in the search to find her mom. 17 year old professional dancer who is eagerly awaiting her debut in culture. I love her sweet tooth and her determination to find her mother in an unfamiliar land.
— > Levi has been set by his years, a master of The head and cards of The Irons. He is almost 18 and has aspirations to be a professional chef. of himself. Levi is bisexual, black, and I love his concern.

Also, there is a cast of Other characters are just as interesting, lovable, yet also flawed. Jac, Levi’s best friend, is absolutely a treasure. Lola is the reluctant addition to the trio. I look forward to seeing more of your work. of Their history in King of Fools.

This world has both a genetic magic system and a split talent. Amanda Foody – Ace of Shades Audio Book Download.

Foody Created a brand-A new dream globe with a rich history and mythology. I admit it sometimes was difficult to keep everything straight, even though the worldbuilding takes place slowly and builds upon nuggets. of understanding presented previously.

I absolutely enjoyed Ace of Tones – It has a characteristic that I loved about fantasy: a lively world, a complex political background and facility personalities. It is fast.-This story is fast and has all the fantasy elements I love. Just remember to keep your rights, as the worldbuilding is extensive! This is a wonderful start to what I am certain will be an excellent trilogy. I cannot wait for the rest of the collection!