Cathy O’Neil – Weapons of Math Destruction Audiobook

Cathy O’Neil – Weapons of Math Destruction Audiobook

Cathy O'Neil - Weapons of Math Destruction Audio Book Free

Weapons of Math Destruction Audiobook Online


Models can be more than mathematics.’s version is shown above. Although there are easy estimations that can be ingrained, people decide which information to use. ofHow to use it and how to measure success. Although mathematics is not the final moderator, it can be used to share in a scalable (i.e. determinable) manner the values that individuals have decided to emphasize. Cathy She says models are “viewpoints revealed in mathematics” or computer code. She points out that instructors are evaluated based on the test scores of trainees or the debt records of vehicle drivers. This is revealing opinions. A successful instructor should have higher examination scores or a responsible bill.-Payers are more likely than drivers to cause injury to their vehicles. It can be dangerous to try and change the things you care about for the sake of what is easiest. Amazon’s referral model, we want to anticipate book We can also use sales from publications as inputs. That’s a great thing. Weapons of Math Destruction Audiobook Free. What if you’re unable to pinpoint what your interests are? The publication US News wanted to focus on college quality in the early 1980’s. The magazine was unable to accurately measure high quality, so it created a version that relied on external markers and proxies. of Selection and graduates providing are key factors in success. University administrators were naturally focused on these markers and not education quality, in an attempt to increase their scores. To increase selectivity, they encouraged more students to use the computer, even those who were not qualified. This is one example. of Gaming is a design. Historical data is not available. Predictive versions often use past behavior to predict future behavior. This can cause problems when part of The purpose of The goal is to move on from the past. Take this example: Cathy We are about to publish a second follow-up Weapons of Mathematical Damage. would not use acquisition information for the Clients Who Also Bought List. This would miss the connection between the original and the sequel. Our models should be used if we don’t want the future looking too much like the past. of More than just background inputs. This idea is the focus of a chapter on predictive hiring designs. Although a company might think that it has a biased hiring system that does not recognize certified candidates, it could replace the Human Resources division by a model that sort through resumes using only the documents. of Past hires could simply be an order (word play intended) of past technique. The key idea here is that the version does not add objectivity but hides discrimination. This brings us back again to the notion that Versions are more than just math. It also raises the next point: Openness issues. If you have a book It’s easy for, to see if something you didn’t expect is on The Consumers Who Bought This Additional Acquired list. It is easy to understand and audit. This increases confidence and reduces the chance that it will be misused to obfuscate. An example of A value included version is for teachers that uses students’ test scores to assess teachers. This tells a very different story. This version, among other things, is very opaque in practice. of Because of its complexity, and the fact that so many executions were developed by outsiders. Effectiveness of models must be publicly evaluated. Teachers who receive negative ratings or a single teacher whose score has changed significantly from one year to the next without explanation are difficult to believe in. Versions aren’t just a way to gauge reality. They can also sometimes amplify it or create their own. Rephrase, designs of Human behavior creates feedback loopholes that are often self-created.-It is possible to fulfill your predictions. Many examples are available of This guide focuses on how versions can increase financial inequality. Cathy O’Neil – Weapons of Math Destruction Audio Book Online. Let’s take, for example, the firm located in this facility of The community might discover that those who commute longer distances tend to be more likely to leave. It could also adjust its hiring model to focus on job prospects that are within the community’s reach. This makes it easier for wealthy candidates to find tasks than those of lower income, and also strengthens the cycle. of inequality. Other examples include anticipating police, jail sentences based on recidivism, and e-Credit score Cathy Discusses a trade-The balance between effectiveness and fairness is maintained, and, as you will see in the title, justness is considered a particular value in modeling.

Weapons of Math Devastation is neither a math publication nor investigative journalism. It’s short, you can read it in an hour. There isn’t enough space for detailed data analysis (there aren’t formulas or graphs), nor full histories. of The designs she considers. Instead, Cathy Strategizes quickly to create designs, perhaps with a private story or more, so that she can get to the main point– obtaining people.-Technical people are used of Doubting designs. More and more aspects of Our lives are affected by the province of Automated data analysis is a crucial task.