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Denise Linn – Energy Strands Audiobook (The Ultimate Guide for Clearing the Cords That Restrict Your Life)

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I am about 1/4 of the way via the audio version. It’s filled with great information. She explains that it is possible to have negative energy without adding any.-If you have a positive relationship with somebody, then pass it on to them. These methods are my preferred way to keep educating myself and be the basis of everything. She also discusses the notion that creative ideas can exist both individually and are looking for a partner. I love to write songs and have discovered that the songs appear ahead of me from some place, almost like there is a song financial institution in the universe. This is the first time I have heard a concrete explanation. This job provides a measure for people who are interested to have a solid foundation for points. Energy Strands Audiobook Free. The amazing ideas are endless. For the audioShe delivers a wonderful delivery. It’s not monotonous. I love this publication! This publication is so much appreciated and I feel honored. Denise Linn This was written by book To share the world. These tools are very powerful and helpful for Empaths. Power cords were something I was not aware of in the past. Denise It covers energy strands in an understanding, caring, positive and non-judgmental manner with family members and friends. This publication is highly recommended to anyone who is sensitive to energy and needs a tool for cutting or launching strands that are not serving them. For a long time, I have understood that nearly everything in my life has been connected. My first lesson was from the Hawaiian Kahunas. They explained that we all live in a giant spider web. This unseen, energised, strand connects us to anything that we have ever touched, seen, or imagined. Denise Linn This book has helped me to understand and feel these connections. This book is a must-read for anyone who wishes to learn more about how we can alter and affect our lives through understanding energy links and how to damage or transform them. This publication book This is not the right choice for everyone. It concerns itself with refined energies which run between people… some good/positive and some not. These powers can be confusing and you may not be able relate to others. We all have them. Bad cords and strands can be from many sources, and can be metaphysically reduced. This book Many methods and examples are available. Many people told me my energy is low, that I am a sponge and so on. I didn’t know what a sponge meant. I was recommended this publication by someone. Denise Linn It is clear to see what happens to a sponge and how to keep our resonances high so that our power doesn’t decrease.

This publication contains the following: Denise Linn It explains clearly why and how to attract lower vibrations unintentionally or intentionally. It also offers different methods to get rid of cords that are not serving our greatest purpose. Denise Linn – Energy Strands Audio Book Online. I like that she offers different options so I can choose the one that interests me.

She also explained the various methods of shielding and why security is still important, even though our company believes in the good people. It’s like leaving the front door open to danger when we aren’t properly secured. In that situation, we won’t be doing any favors to ourselves. I’m still very new to spiritual knowledge as well as many other things. books I am a puzzler to the point that video clips and audio clips are also a problem. It is engaging, easy to understand and simple to read. There were many “aha!” moments. It took me minutes to understand concepts and she did it in a clear, concise manner. This book is well worth the effort. It’s rare to find a publication in which a light employee shares their practices. I’ve also quit several “self-help” books. books This is why! Although I am skeptical about the method’s credibility, I discovered that many of these methods are comparable to other methods I have actually been dealt with by others. Let me inform you, they really work!