Dr. Pierre Dukan – The Dukan Diet Audiobook

Dr. Pierre Dukan – The Dukan Diet Audiobook

Dr. Pierre Dukan - The Dukan Diet Audio Book Free

The Dukan Diet Audiobook


I plan to make this a longer article.-This diet plan is a long-term perspective. This was created by me in October 2016. The diet plan was first implemented on December 16, 2012. I weighed 218 pounds (I’m a 5’10” male). I adhered to the diet completely and without any disloyalty. Even though I craved certain foods like pizza, I discovered that my food cravings could be controlled if I ate a large amount of the foods allowed by the diet plan. The Dukan Diet Audiobook Free. I never felt hungry. I started during the holiday season, so that I could eat as much as possible before going to Xmas parties at work or with my friends. I was able to survive the event without cheating. Also, I lost weight the next day. My weight would fluctuate for several days, and I would become concerned and aggravated. But I kept going and it dropped again.

Stage 2 was completed March 10, 2013. I had actually lost a little more than 2 pounds per week. I weighed in at 188 more pounds on March 11, 2013 and felt great. I was anxious to move to stage 3, as I thought I might gain weight. Surprisingly, I found out that I didn’t. I loved stage 3! 2 slices of whole-Each day was amazing, with wheat bread, fruit, and vegetables. I may eat whole vegetables, such as chili, or whole fruits and vegetables.-You can make wheat pasta several times a day, as well as party dishes (anything you want, regular portions), when you are not working. After several months on stage 3, it became clear that I wanted to live like this throughout my entire life. All of my fat clothing was given away. It became harder to keep the diet up and I have been eating more of what I love. For most of the time, I have remained between 208 and 212 pounds. Sometimes, I go higher. On January 1, 2015, after the holidays, I had weighed 219.6 lbs. I started the diet plan again and also dropped to 209.6 pounds. Recently, I weighed 222.2 pounds and started the diet plan.

Although the weight has not been maintained as I had hoped, it is still something I am grateful for. It works for me. I lose weight quickly if I stick with it for a few days. I also feel much better. My suggestion is to not leave stage 3. It is possible to eat a lot on this stage, and it may be sustainable. Phase 4 doesn’t seem to be sustainable for me.

Many commenters claim that the diet plan is unhealthy. I’ve had multiple medical examinations while following the diet plan. After losing weight, I obtained a cheaper forever insurance policy. I usually stick to the diet plan for at least a few weeks before my annual physical. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are lower when I follow the diet plan. My cholesterol levels are at the lowest point in the healthy range. My pulse is very low (nearly all).-Time low of the healthy variety). The registered nurse said that I should be a jogger as soon as I was admitted. But I’m not. My vitals are all in great.
The Blood Urea Nitrogen, (BUN) is one dimension that’s a little higher than the norm. This measurement is used to determine how healthy your kidneys are. It is well-known that high levels of kidney function are associated with higher blood pressure.-protein diets raise BUN degrees. My results were slightly higher than the recommended range, but my doctor has not raised it as a concern. Like any other health or wellness topic, you can do internet research to find out both sides. Some people say it’s harmful, while others claim it’s not.

I have actually lost six extra pounds over the last 10 days using the diet plan, and I will continue to follow it. I also plan to read “Excellent Calories and Bad Calories: Fats and Carbs” as well as the controversial science of Diet Health” It appears to support low cholesterol.-Carb diet as a lasting service (I haven’t reviewed it yet but it’s on my wish list). Dr. Pierre Dukan – The Dukan Diet Audio Book Online. It is the only way I can lose 400 more pounds. The diet plan helps me.