Gunter Koschorrek – Blood Red Snow Audiobook

Gunter Koschorrek – Blood Red Snow Audiobook

Gunter Koschorrek - Blood Red Snow Audio Book Free

Blood Red Snow Audiobook Online


Forgotten Soldier is my favorite publication. It is the one I use to evaluate personal accounts. Very few other publications have actually been able to match it. This set was the best. Blood Red Snow It is amazing! Although the opening was great, it was surprisingly rated a 4 celebrity score. I think this is partly because of how sincere they were. Gunter He had either discovered himself in writing, or had created the section after the battle. Blood Red Snow Audiobook Free. The resort was opened to the public for what took place from Stalingrad, but it is not complete. Gunter We were able to feel and also sense, worry and joy. As we Gunter Both men eventually fall apart but also become staunch defenders of the system. We are able to see his character change a lot. This isn’t just an ex-soldier telling his soldiers to fight a harder battle; it becomes personal. Gunter he will share his personal experiences. This account is a great one, and a must-read for anyone who has ever thought about their personal experiences from WWII. This extraordinary account was written by a German soldier with a high level of excellence who managed to survive and make it through the brutal, cutting-edge battles on Russian front with 6 minor fight injuries. From the notes he kept, the account is written in the first person. book This is a representation of the horrors and also the deprivals that the German soldiers experienced as they moved eastward towards Stalingrad in order to avoid being encircled on their slow fighting withdrawal to the west. This cannot be put into words. book Over a weekend, I sat down and completed it. It is well worth the effort. This book tells the story of a German heavy weapon gunner’s survival and combat experiences. Because many Americans are reluctant to talk about their experiences, my goal was to see the war from the east front during WWII. In light of my experience on the eastern front, I would love to see if the Germans had any information about how the Russian military and private Russians were treated. The Russians didn’t really treat German civilians well. I was satisfied with Guide. Guide is a great book. It provides the reader with a clear understanding of how to survive as an infantryman at the cutting edge. I enjoyed the book. book Because it gave me a much better understanding of what it was like to be a soldier, both emotionally and literally. I often wondered about ordinary soldiers, regardless of their country or army, who worked anonymously and were used as pawns in the nation’s quest into “hostile politics modification”. Gunter Koschorrek – Blood Red Snow Audio Book Online. You grew up reading publications by Sven Hassel and seeing battle motion pictures such as “The Cross of Iron” from Peckinpah. After that, you start to see details and get a glimpse into the difficulties and problems that these men endured… but nothing like the memoirs of this remarkable male and his friends which surpass the suffering and unraveling disaster that resists our imagination. It is an amazing read that places the Russian Experience in perspective. Also, it makes you question the origins of our history publications. This book doesn’t declare war but rather the bonds of friendship and comradeship that enabled these boys to survive the horror. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the perspective of a soldier.

Just finished checking out Blood Red Snowby Gunter KoschorrekA German Wehrmacht heavy artilleryman made it through, that spent his entire fighting career (1942).-45) ran as the Germans fled from Soviet Russia’s busy Soviet Russia and returned to their homeland via Romania. It is a great idea for anyone who wants to understand how soldiers feel compelled to withdraw (continuously) in spite of overwhelming enemy might.