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“Excellent Ol” JR has been a hero to me since childhood. He was a great announcer and provided vibrant, informative information.-Each suit he called he packed a discourse. This autobiography made me appreciate the man much more. The man who took him to the top. Jim Ross His fees were as high as any other wrestler. He also had to endure a lot of obstacles and aggravations. He had many hats metaphorically, and he knows the business inside out. His opinions and also monitorings of various occasions and individuals were remarkable to me. Since 1975, I have been a faithful follower of Kayfabe. I learned a lot from this publication which helped me to become a fan many years ago. Personal side of things Jim This showed a lot of integrity book He accepted the responsibility for the problems in his 2 first marriages. Although he takes pride in his achievements, he also shows admiration for them. Slobberknocker Audiobook Free. This publication is for professional wrestling fans or anyone who has struggled to succeed. This publication will be a hit with all wrestling fans. book You will be able to read the entire life story of one the most influential commentators in business. What made me smile was something I enjoyed personally. Ross His business experience in various territories, as well as how he got where he’s at present. The book You will also be moved by Jan, his greatest fan and love of his life, who died earlier this year. book appeared.

This book is a must-read if you want to know all the details and the realities that the wrestlers faced behind the scenes. One of very few. books I found myself sufficiently enthralled to make sure I checked out the cover.-To-Cover in one sitting. This is a fascinating book that will interest all wrestling fans. The voice of the creator isn’t so brightened and clean that it seems like a ghost.-written job. It is like a friend telling his friends his past. A few things I didn’t know, despite having been a fan for over 25 years. It was well worth it, and the time spent on it was worth it. There were no regrets. The only thing that could be criticized is the fact that it did not state “To Be Proceeded” on the previous web page. You need to get if you are like me and love wrestling, but want to learn more about the workings of the industry, the people behind it, as well as the actual wrestlers. Jim Ross’s publication! I bought the audio book because I enjoyed to listen JR was a welcome returnee in WCW and specifically WWF/E. It was a great moment. JR can be laced up by any other commentator (provided he wore battling boots). lol).

JR’s tales of his first start in wrestling, his time running errands to help the wrestlers, and installing the ring are all part of the fun of wrestling. JR gives you a glimpse into his childhood and life with his parents (truly JR that story with your Papa was terrifying). I will only say that I was a hammer and that he had a bag filled with things… WOW, I really felt sorry for you. =0(.

This publication is a must-have for all wrestling fans, young and old.-My Papa would take me to the Olympic Amphitheater in Los Angeles to see my favorites Chavo Guerrero Sr. and Roddy Piper. I also saw my favorite stars, Roddy Piper, Twin Devils and the occasional big stars like Andre, the Titan, Classy Freddie Blassie and Harley Race. Jim Ross – Slobberknocker Audio Book Download. After texas Hold’em, my leisure time interest is professional wrestling. Jim Ross It was my favorite wrestle commentator so I was looking forward to this publication.

Outstanding Ol’ J.R. is a great wrestler and gives you the feeling that you’re going on a journey along with him. Despite having done a lot of wrestling, I still have to say that I am a fan. booksHe was able to share stories with me that I hadn’t heard before or to give me a fascinating perspective on tales that I already knew.