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Are you familiar with the Special Operations team known as MACV? SOG? If so, this may be because the group was one of the most misleading throughout the Vietname Battle. This is due to the fact that the operatives had to agree not to share their experience for 20 years. But much of the modern Special operations team and capabilities in the United States army are a result of this covert team. John L. Plaster – SOG Audiobook Free. This article is for you if your interest lies in the United States unique operations pressures and military background. book It is essential-read.
The writer John Plaster He is a three-scenic tour professional at MACV SOG This is Miliary Support Command Vietnam Studies and Monitoring Group. This was sometimes called SOG. This book This is not a battle narrative, or bio. It is a remarkable history book of the US’ unique operations in Vietnam and into Vietnam’s neighboring nations. The author occasionally gives his own account when appropriate. It was incredible to see the amount of information available, particularly in regards to the early years of US armed forces effort.-Communists. Guide also identifies the men who played a key role in that initiative from its inception to the final stages of the Vietnam Battle. The author recognizes that these men weren’t just high-ranking officials, but also important operators. There are many of them. SOGThe secret war didn’t take place in Vietnam but in Laos, Cambodia and Cambodia. There they faced the North Vietnamese who were supposedly not meant to be there. They were however quietly sneaking into South Vietnam by using the Ho Chi Minh route.
This publication was also very interesting. I could not put it down. I am still amazed by the standard military publications. There are also publications about the standard military. books I am interested in unique procedures and elite clothing. But this device SOG Their stories are quite different in terms of what they accomplished and the terrible situation they encountered. They fought against many regular North Vietnamese pressures in small groups of 2 or 3 Americans and a few tribal soldiers from ethnic minorities. These men were brave and fierce and outgunned. This may sound strange, but these guys were just like Jason Borne and Rambo. This publication doesn’t just tell overstated stories in case they might be doubtful. A few of these stories, as well as the heroism of the men in the unit, have been awarded the Medal of Honor.
For those who are familiar in analysis of other armed forces when it comes to SOG There’s a different language used and a different method of operating. This is explained to the viewers by the author in a very clear manner. There are seventeen chapters in the guide that cover different kinds of operations. SOG They led, but they also had other points in their history and achievements. One example is “Bloody 1968”, which describes the challenges the group faced that year. The Civil War saw the team suffer more casualties than any other war. Each operator was injured at least once, and fifty percent of the men were killed. Over three hundred were injured in total. SOG Drivers were thrown out, and 57 of them became MIAs. The ratio of adversaries killed to origin was astonishing and unheard of.
This is my first MACV publication. SOG However, it won’t be the last.
It is always difficult to discuss the refuted and the identified. Plaster He does everything possible to create a systemic account SOGHe was the elite crossboarder reconnaissance force during the Vietnam Battle. But, at the end, he’s a soldier and not a historian. This is what it looks like when this book This is what Plaster It is amazing because it includes his war stories as well as those of his friends. It can be redirected to another subject or to the wider military effect. SOGIt sheds its touch.

SOG It was made up of strong men and competent fighters. We should be proud of that. Plaster His sidekicks and he chose to share their stories with me. Although this is a valuable second source for Vietnam War enthusiasts, it’s not informative or literary enough to recommend to a wider audience.
A few men in groups would be helicoptered into recon to make contact with NVA lines of communications security forces. They will need to fight their way to a Touchdown Zone to be able to get out.

Over time, the number of device casualties has surpassed 100%. One hundred percent. Numerous Medals of Honor and DSCs, Silver Stars, and other awards.

The book was composed by a SOG Participant who has served three trips to Vietnam and clearly understands the subject matter. Complete first-person accounts. Multiple instances of heroism beyond belief. Moles within the command structure compromise objectives. Rescues that suffered heavy helicopter and plane losses in order to rescue the alive and the deceased.

This will make you wonder if it was worth all the sacrifices, particularly when you consider that multiple United States planes had to be rejected and that there were 100% casualties. Other goals that were impossible to achieve after a few minutes. Plaster An Afterword was created to explain how the NVA lost its casualties (difficulty in understanding if US preferred to kill opponent dead) and the number NVA soldiers that were held in back area obligations. It was also difficult to determine if the intel was really helpful in winning battles.
This is definitely riveting. If you like action get SOGed. It’s amazing how thorough it is. Plaster It includes weapons, ammo and copters as well any other equipment that was used in this war of not just the SOG Not only the NVA, but also forces! He names a remarkable number of people and describes every incident so meticulously. Plaster It appears almost omniscient. SOG Audiobook By John L. Plaster (Online). My father was a Marine who served in special operations so I was half expecting to see his name in the guide. This publication does a tremendous service by recognizing the men who served in. SOG Political restraints meant that the army did not have to participate in the war. The United States would have easily won the war if all its military was comprised of as many men as these guys.