Julia Sykes – Sweet Captivity Audiobook

Julia Sykes – Sweet Captivity Audiobook

Julia Sykes - Sweet Captivity Audio Book Free

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Two criminal brothers kidnap a geeky FBI agent. She is then taken hostage by the younger brother. The younger brother is apparently meant to harm her, so she will make use of her and her computer system abilities to destroy any links to the FBI’s orgs. She is eventually held captive by her evil older brother. He gives her three weeks to comply with the restriction. Sweet Captivity Audiobook Free. The younger bro used her natural entry and sexually controlled her in ways that she finds shocking. It all comes down to her willingness to accept the protection of her younger brother. How will they ever be able to have a chance when they come from so different worlds? It’s unplanned and we’ll make it romantic, sexy.-Related domination and edge-of-your-seat drama was a page turner that I enjoyed! This book is worth reading if you love alpha male domination and a touch of BDSM. Sam’s tale was as enjoyable as Andres’. It’s beautiful and fits the story perfectly.

Sam and I met a while ago. Here is Sam’s story. I love the fact that she gets past her quiet, nerdy self considering the situation she’s in. Andres is my favorite and he’s also the anti.-A hero and one that you would not expect. They both manage to overcome each other’s walls and also see the real person beneath.

It can be difficult reading for some as one is forced to give up and succumbs. However, I enjoyed the story. The story is complex, but you also feel for the characters. It kept me on my toes and also I could not put it down. Is she going to be saved, or retreating, or finding her own happy ending? This was an extremely difficult book, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. JuliaThe thrillers she weaves with her stories and in her publications are some of my favorites. I loved every moment of this book. This set is one that I’ve been remiss about not evaluating in the past. But, oh my, how I love it so. I have reread this more than 15 times because whatever about it simply presses my switches, calls my name, makes me sigh, wince, fear, smile & tear up, hate (the villian); what extra could a visitor request for?
Ms Sykes This tale has (IMHO), produced an incredibly damaged, intense, leading, terrifying Alpha man, Andres (anti).-H) who is a lot greater than the visitor & Samantha (h) suspect. Sucked deep into the terrible globe of his older brother’s drug cartel, Andres is brutally marked inside along with on the surface; he is fierce, savage & effective, tough & challenging. And also he eagerly approves as a ‘present’, the abducted & frightened Samantha from his older bro. Samantha may not understand the Andres’ pain, but she is still a part of it.
And also Samantha is likewise harmed from a childhood trauma she no longer bears in mind except that she frantically loathes & fears being touched. She’s packed with worried power, her mind is always in overdrive & other than on a computer finds it tough to focus & difficult to clear her mind. However Andres desires her as his, completely submissive to him in ALL points & methods, & he plans to touch her commonly & whatsoever he pleases. Julia Sykes – Sweet Captivity Audio Book Online. Samantha and also HIS will be a complete team.
It appears as though their partnership is doomed from the get go, is fraught with catastrophe & impossibility, & yet, possibly, just perhaps, Andres & Samantha are exactly what & who the various other demands … As soon as I got the ARC, I finished Sugary food Bondage. It was amazing to receive it in my email. I always wait for it. JuliaThe latest launches of. It was a surprise to me how much I enjoyed her publications. I have reviewed all of them, some more than once. As always, with JuliaI couldn’t place this publication in any of’s publications. I went to bed at night with my I-Place a pad on my pillow.
Sam came across this story through a brand new way of telling it.-A new light. She was always the computer specialist behind-The-scenes. Dex was in the past, and she felt a tip of her feelings. book. Even though I knew that an HEA was on the horizon, it was hard for me to see it in the beginning. It was a mystery to me how it would happen. I won’t spoil the ending, but it was wonderful getting to know Sam.