Kassandra Montag – Ground Given Audiobook

Kassandra Montag – Ground Given Audiobook

Ground Given Audiobook By Kassandra Montag cover art

Ground Given Audiobook


This is a great story about how one person can manage your whole life, and how another can show you how you can be in a very short time. free From everything. Given Although she didn’t receive all her joy in the end, it would have been a fairytale. Ground Given Audiobook Free. Emerson received what he needed to get, he wasn’t a father figure and he was not a control freak for her mommy.

A fascinating story about a young girl who has to deal with her father’s actions. Her stepfather is very controlling and she has no other options. She serves as a waitress in his restaurant and longs to be free. Her mom is also sick and her stepdad is paying for her therapy, so she must take care of her.

Tobias eventually becomes a part the dining establishment, and then they are inseparable. Tobias is a mysterious and unusual person. Many things are still unknown about him. Will their love for each other allow them to create a life that they envision? Or will papa’s actions help them get apart.

The tale was amazing, but I felt something was missing at the very end. I would have liked to seen more dramatization. It was still a good story and made me pay close attention to the details before I fell asleep.

Authors should have to be able to express their personality while also maintaining a story within a brief story. This was not a good narrative for me, but the narration was fantastic.

1974. A waitress in sectarian Nebraska dreams of her dying.-End task, and also her manager. She manages all aspects of her life until a handsome stranger arrives in town and her luck starts to change. Bonnie mythology as well as Altruistic and Clyde mythology motivate Bonnie. Ground Given A captivating story about a female who is able to commit criminal activity. free.

Sinead, who is both resilient and also vulnerable, intelligent and troubled, spends her days caring for her mom and calming Emerson, the man who owns her home and the restaurant where her family eats. She wants to get out of the dark town she grew up in. However, Emerson holds all power over her and hinders her progress. Ground Given Audio Book Online. One day, Tobias from the east shore walks in to Sinead’s dining room. Sinead is impulsive and invites him into her house. While their relationship intensifies, Sinead’s dreams of fleeing become ambitious strategies. But one wrong move can ruin her life.-You can alter the repercussions.