Kate Moore – The Radium Girls Audiobook

Kate Moore – The Radium Girls Audiobook

Kate Moore - The Radium Girls Audio Book Free

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In the early 20th century, radium was one of the most important tasks for American young ladies and girls. Radium, which was radiant, glowing, as well as stunning, was, according to those who used it, totally harmless. The truth about radium as well as its isotopes has been known for over a century. In The Radium Women Kate Moore This is the story of these girls, who are apparently so fortunate to have been given the tasks that they were so happy with.

Radium was often hailed as a fascinating brand-After it was separated by the Curies, new material was created. It was discovered to have many uses. One of them was to make it easier to read the numbers on watches and clocks. Radium paint was applied to the dials by employees. The most skilled and efficient workers were women and girls as young as fourteen and 15. The Radium Girls Audiobook Free. The The ladies worked well together and were friendly. They sat at tables, painting, wettening their brushes before they put them in the paint. The ladies’ clothes would be covered in radium dust and glow ghost when they left the workshop.-Like in the night. The The pay was excellent and the work was straightforward, but then some of the ladies began to experience strange pains in their bones and mouths. Their teeth would become looser and fall out. Additionally, their jaws, legs, and ankles would experience irreversible pains.

After several of the female workers died and others became sick, the hugely profitable radium companies ignored warnings about the dangers of their work. The families of the victims sought relief and assistance, but they were responsible for mounting medical expenses. The The obligation was not owed by the government, the state, or local governments. Publicity resulting from the legal actions of several sufferers (using their own limited resources) eventually focused enough attention on the problem that governments felt obliged to create safety guidelines and requirements.

The Radium This is what ladies think. The The recklessness with which radium was handled, the indifference by the radium using sectors as well the federal governments to the security of ladies painters (in contrast, to the men who worked to create it, that were protected by lead guards) and the pain and also suffering that the ladies endured are all appalling. The Security regulations and restrictions that were finally set up barely make sense. The Epilogue as Well as Postscript which provides information on the women’s lives as well as an account of another market that made negligent use of radium in the late 1970s are especially traumatizing.

This is a detailed, well-written, and meticulously recorded account of disasters that never should have been. The The lives of radium girls cannot be redeemed, however, thanks to Kate Moore We can both remember and learn from our discomfort. One of the best books It is the first time I have read for a while! The story of the Radium From the perspective of the women who were victims to corporate greed, and also their struggle for their rights, the ladies’ view was wonderful. Kate Moore These brave women were brought to my attention in a remarkable way. This publication was extremely difficult to put down. Just finished the analysis Radium Ladies were able to tell the true story of the ladies, and women who worked in early twentieth-century watch dial repair with radium, an interesting new product. Radium It glowed, glowed and was thought to be good for your health and well-being. It was dubbed the “world’s newest wonder!” It was also used to make clocks and watches easier to read, as the radium made them glow at night. Girls As young as 14 years old were employed to join the brand’s exciting team-You may be eligible for a new job. Kate Moore – The Radium Girls Audio Book Download. Girls Girls and boys sat in rows with trays containing watch dials and a crucible containing radium. Before they could dip their brushes into the paint, they were taught to moisten the bristles with water. They also enjoyed eating at their work stations. The Radium dust would be applied to the workers, and the girls would glow as they walked home at night. The work was attractive because of its high pay and the potential for good health and well-being. They did not realize the consequences of their work.