The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version The Complete Old & New Testament

King James Version – The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version The Complete Old & New Testament Audiobook

The Holy Bible in Audio - King James Version Audiobook By King James Version

The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version The Complete Old & New Testament



Genesis is the story of how the globe was created. God created the universe in Seven days, and also set man or woman in The Yard of Eden. They were expelled for disobeying His rules. Their descendants would subjugate the entire planet. This vast range became evil, and God loathed them. To wipe them out, He sent a flood to the earth. Because Noah, the papa, was an example, Noah saved one family member. Noah created a large Ark, saved his children, their partners and produced a reproducing group of all species. From this line came Abraham. God was pleased with Abraham and blessed him and his children. Abraham’s son Isaac had two children: Jacob and Esau. Jacob had 12 sons and God loved him. Joseph, one his children, ended up in Egypt. He saved the country from starvation, and he brought his father as well as his brothers into the land. Jacob was renamed Israel by his sons and he also fathered twelve tribes in Israel.

The story of the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to negotiate with Egypt is told by Exodus, Numbers and Leviticus, as well as Deuteronomy. in The Promised Land. Although the leader of Egypt was reluctant to let them go at the beginning, God blessed him with many blessings. The Israelites could flee as well as wander in The desert for forty years. Moses received the first 10 Rules from God during this time. He also received another set of guidelines that governed almost every aspect in his life. The The Israelites made a promise to God that they would follow His rules and He would make them successful. Joshua was also left responsible after Moses died.

Joshua tells us about the settlement in Canaan. The Israelites fought to take over this land from its residents. Guides to Samuel mention Saul and David as the 2 first kings of Israel. They also mention David’s son Solomon, who is the wise one. These kings were the foundation of a golden age when God’s commandments were kept. They were extremely successful and prosperous in war. They became extremely wealthy as a result. However, after these kings, as told in Guides of Kings and Chronicles: There were many bad leaders. The Israel and Judah were divided into the nation of Israel. The The rules were abandoned and people became spoilt. Several publications later revealed this fall from grace. King James Version – The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version The Complete Old & New Testament Audiobook Online. The Israelites were defeated in battle. Babylonian Invaders damaged the Excellent Holy Solomon built the place. The Individuals were also taken into bonds. The The Persian Realm’s surge released the Israelites and allowed them begin reconstruction of their Temple. Ezra tells us about the return of Moses’ regulations and the celebration of the scattered Israelites. Esther gives a glimpse into the Jewish experience in A long-lasting and noble empire.

Task tells the story about God testing His faithful slaves. God causes Task to show Satan that His followers are faithful not out of obligation for the prosperity He has offered but out of faith. Guides of Ecclesiastes and Psalms are publications of verse as well as knowledge. They celebrate the glory of God, as well as offer little bits of wisdom and also spirituality.

The The last publication of the Holy Scriptures are prophetic. They also mention that Israel’s people have sin against God. God will punish these sins but also restore the earth. The brand will be destroyed in the afterlife.-New globe will be paradise.
The New Jesus’ life and birth are told through his testimony. Mary, Mary’s mother, raised him with the power and the love of the Holy Spirit. He was created in Bethlehem, as his parents had made a trip to that area for the demographics. Jesus began to preach to the men from Judea at thirty. Jesus gathered twelve disciples to be his mentors and to spread his teachings. Jesus taught that there was only one God, and one of his most important commandments was to love your neighbor.-As if you were your neighbor’s door neighbour. Jesus was able to connect with people who are less than the virtuous, which is a departure from previous prophets. His message was that everyone could find salvation with God.

He revealed to many of his disciples that Jesus was the Child of God. This was actually predicted. in Jewish Bible. He was a tourist to Jerusalem. King. He remained in the city to show. He drove the sinners out from the Jewish. Holy place. Jesus told his disciples at the Passover banquet, that one person would definitely betray him. One would also refute that he identified him three times before dawn. Judas and the authorities betrayed Jesus. Jesus was executed at the behest of individuals. He was crucified. After three days, they examined his grave and discovered that he had died. An angel said that Jesus had risen from death. He appeared to the devotees, and advised them to spread their training around the globe.

The Rest of the New Testimony is a key element in the story of the Apostles as well as the early spread and development of Christianity. Paul was one of the most important of these men. Paul was an apostle who traveled to many cities and wrote letters discussing confidence and the doxology for the new church. These letters gave church leaders very valuable advice. They cover everything from who can follow Jesus to what the significance of circumcision.

The last book You can find the New Testimony is Revelations. It is a vision Jesus Christ provided to John. It tells us that Jesus will return to judge the males when the globe is complete. The New Guides that are the basis of modern Christianity make up Testimony.
The Style of Genesis can be described as a Narrative History or Genealogies. It was composed around 1450 by Moses.-1410 B.C. The key characters include Abraham, Sarah Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob. This book The purpose of this tape was to capture God’s creation and show His love to all He has created.

Genesis is the original book of the Law, and also the initial publication of this whole Holy bible. The Genesis is actually the Hebrew word for “Initial”. It describes the true events of one of the most controversial topics in our time, the beginning of human life. Genesis explains God the infinite God.-All things are possible through the power of His spoken word. He literally creates material matter out of nothing.

In chapters 1-11:28 Moses clarifies the development and origins of all things, “In the beginning God created the paradises as well as the planet” (1 1:1). He quickly shifts to the fall of man in God’s wrong doings and separation in Chapter 3 explains how God dealt with the evil planet. God wipes all of humanity out through an unimaginable flood and also by saving Noah, a faithful man, and his family.

God starts to execute His redemption strategy in chapters 11:28-36 in The first stages of building His nation of Israel. It is Abraham, once more, God’s faithful man whom God calls and promises to honor with many individuals and bless the whole world. in All the families of the earth will receive blessings” (12:3)

In Chapters 37-50 God faithfully builds up and protects the generations from Abraham, as He had promised, completely with Joseph in Egypt. God blesses Abraham’s son and their boy. He shows His power and sovereignty through their failures and disappointments. in They live their lives, yet in God’s people are still there at the end guide to Genesis in An international land, and also the questioning of the promise land.
The New Testament It tells about Jesus’ birth, life and ministry. Also, it reveals the growth and predictions for the second coming of Jesus. Jesus was born sometime between 6 and 4 B.C. in He was born in Bethlehem, and He was destined from birth to fulfill the obligation of Messiah or Christ (the Greek equivalent for the Hebrew word “messiah”) After living a normal life for three decades He began His ministry among the Jews.
Jesus made a journey from community to community, healing the sick, and teaching about God’s coming kingdom. He explained that God’s kingdom was a spiritual kingdom, which is currently growing among the faithful and will find its fulfillment. in The eventual sovereign regulation by God and the loss of all evilness. Jesus said that He will return sooner or later to restore God’s kingdom. He promised an amazing immortality after death for those who placed their trust in Him in God and His commands must be obeyed.

Many Jews expected that the Messiah would be a great political and military leader who would defeat Israel’s enemies. But Jesus saw His kingdom to be spiritual, not physical. Jesus showed that success does not come from pressure or physical violence but rather through love, humility, and service to others. Jesus was not the “Messiah”, as many Jews expected. Many of them rejected Jesus and His trainings.

The The religious establishment in Israel considered Jesus a threat. They were taking their authority over the people by His claims of divine authority as well as His refusal to follow a few of their spiritual guidelines. Jesus was executed by His followers three years after He began His ministry.

Jesus’ body was found missing from the graveyard three days after his death. Over the next forty days, many people witnessed Him active again and He sat down with His disciples. After 40 days, Jesus rose from the dead and returned to God, his Daddy, at the end.

Many individuals were inspired by Jesus’ miraculous resurrection to realize that He is the Christ and their personal savior. Christianity was created, and Jesus’ former disciples became its leaders. Through the entire history of Christianity, New TestamentJesus is depicted as the Child God, the satisfaction of the Old Testament revelations about the Messiah, as well as the ways to our personal salvation from the power and death of wrong and fatality

Jesus taught that the “Best Rules” for living are love of God as well as love for others. He taught obedience to God and love for all people, Jews and Gentiles alike, as well as for his enemies. Jesus didn’t abolish existing ethical and also moral legislations. in It was effective from the time of Moses. These principles were confirmed and extended upon by Jesus, who stated obedience must be from the heart (attitudes as well as purposes) and not just the letter of law. Jesus and His apostles gave us a substantial brand.-New understanding of truth intent Old Testament Legislation: They brought a new period in the regulation of love for everyone and spiritual truth, as opposed to legislation.

The Many mistreatments were suffered by young Christian communities, both from the Jewish spiritual facility and from the Roman Empire. Saul, a member the Jewish spiritual establishment was one of the most hateful Christians. One day, on his way to Damascus from Jerusalem, Saul noticed a blinding flash and Jesus spoke with him. He said, “Saul Saul, why are you treating me so badly?” The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version The Complete Old & New Testament Audio Book Free. Saul was able to overcome this disappointment and change his mind. Paul, now known as Paul was a Christian missionary who established many Christian communities outside of Judaism. in The Gentile globe

Paul wrote several letters for the church founders. He shared his thoughts about Jesus and instructed them. in Proper praise and appreciation are key. in Some cases were chastised for their ethical mistakes. He said that faith is the only way to immortality and redemption. in Jesus Christ and the highest moral criteria, not by obedience to Old Testimony Law. Many of Paul’s letters have become part of the New Testament. These letters help us to understand Paul as the most prominent and energetic interpreter of Jesus’ trainings as well as his life.