Leah Franqui – America for Beginners Audiobook

Leah Franqui – America for Beginners Audiobook

Leah Franqui - America for Beginners Audio Book Free

America for Beginners Audiobook Download


First time author Leah Franqui’s unique, “America for Beginners”, is a perfectly composed book That is incorrect for Each viewer. The series of Amazon.com page reviews attests to this. FranquiThe 3 main personalities of’s are all “browsing”. for They are missing something important in their lives.

Pival Sengupta is an elderly widow who has had a difficult life in Kolkota. She is currently looking for a job. for Rahi, her child. She has now come to America To take a scenic tour that starts in New York City, and ends in Los Angeles. America for Beginners Audiobook Free. She was told Rahi had died in Los Angeles. However, she does not rely on the words of her late partner. Rahi had kicked Rahi out when he learned that his child was gay. She will be joining her on her 2-week journey through the country. America Satya is a young Bengalidishi gentleman who was hired by the owner of the tour agency. He is not familiar with the United States, and attempted to fool his employer by trying to make up stories about his job. A young actress, Rebecca Elliot (a young actress), is also on the trip. She has her own problems and questions her future. This may seem like a private trip from hell, but it is mostly. However, it is a tour which transforms lives.

The main story is laced with romance between Rahi (Bhim), and Jake (his American partner), who have made a great life together. for Los Angeles. It was actually quite a long process. for Both men were affected by Bhim’s difficulty in coming to terms with his sexuality.

Leah FranquiHis writing is beautiful. Each character is so perfectly drawn, that the reader can almost see how they are connected. for Some time. Guide ends as it should, both happy and sad. for All personalities.America for Beginners”Most definitely will go on my Leading 10 for 2018. Leah FranquiThe unique AMERICA FOR BEGINNERS pulls at your emotions and opens up a world to self-discovery for Its characters are a testament to the importance of connecting people. It is what makes us ache for today. People who are reluctant to change. People who do things their own way. People of various backgrounds can have fun together and low-level barriers can be broken. It is possible to show one another a different way of looking at the world. This is a great way to get rid hate.

A widowed Indian woman lost her child after her husband treated her poorly throughout her marriage. When they found out he was gay, she and her partner dismissed him. They told him that he wasn’t welcome in their home. She wants to find out if he really died, and to discover where he went to The golden state. She is determined to leave her hometown, where she has never traveled outside of it, and go to the US.

Satya, who is a tourist guide and Rebecca, a friend, joins her for an organized, exclusive trip through a New York organization. It is amazing, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking to see what happens next as she and her young friends travel the States together and learn from each other. book. This is something I don’t often say, but it is the kind of publication that makes my heart happy to have the opportunity to review it. A few words about “America for Beginners”Really touched me. It is unlikely to be rated ground.-Breaking book It’s a work of fiction that will change the literary world, but it’s not intended to be. It’s just a touching story about many extremely different people that meet during a widow’s trip to. America In an effort to reconnect with her son.

Pival Sengupta decides that she will travel to America after her former husband passes away. Leah Franqui – America for Beginners Audio Book Download. Their marital relationship was a loveless one, and her husband dominated her life.

Ronnie runs a New York-based scenic tour company that specializes in tours. for People from India plan the trip (usually based around delicious Indian food). for Pival also matches her up to 2 companions – Satya (a new arrival in the US) and Rebecca (a Washington DC girl who had a difficult time with her acting profession and took on the job on a whim). They will be following Pival throughout the country, so keep an eye out for Her, provide an important “American” experience for You will be able to fulfill all of her needs.