Marie Benedict – Agent 355 Audiobook

Marie Benedict – Agent 355 Audiobook

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Agent 355 Audiobook




This was a very enjoyable read. It was interesting and quick. listen. It was something I meant to pay attention whenever I had downtime, but I ended up listening to the whole story. This is a huge deal, as historical fiction often doesn’t interest me. It was enjoyable, but I didn’t feel that there was anything missing. According to the summary, it is a tale of romance, adventure and also espionage. Marie Benedict – Agent 355 Audiobook Free. To ensure that each of the three must be included in this two-Hour audiobookThere was not enough of each.
Marie Bendict introduced me several fascinating female characters to her novels (Carnegie’s Housemaids, The Various Other Einstein and Girl Clementine), but also her imaginary character Elizabeth Morris, which might just be one of my favourites. Agent 355 This article reveals how a lady from the past, long ignored by the authorities, helped to provide information to the continental military during the war for independence. The author points out that the identity of the woman has been in question for a long time. Benedict It was very appropriate. I loved the story.

Emily Rankin is a great listener and I wish my fellow readers the same. Audiobook Listeners who enjoy a historical time period will be able to provide this enjoyment. listen.
A beautiful, powerful Audible Original regarding Representative 355The strange spy who provided crucial information that helped Washington’s army win his Revolutionary War victory. This is what you will see. audiobook, author Marie Benedict This fictional story is about a young New York woman who could have been representative. 355. This is her first personal narrative. We learn about her motivations for advocating and how she put her life at risk to serve the greater good. It is a delightful story that is well worth the effort.
British soldiers are kept in Elizabeth Morris’ New York City home, as well as those of her Tory parents. British Police officers are seen minimizing their talk about the war during celebrations at Elizabeth’s house. However, it is hard to believe that a female could understand what they are talking about. Elizabeth sees this opportunity to help the colonists win. Robert Townsend is a shop owner who sympathizes fully with the colonists. Elizabeth goes into the Culper Spy Ring of General Washington. Her codename was “Agent 355”. She shares crucial details that change the trend of the war.

This Audible Original tells the story of a female spy who is described as “Representative.” 355Washington’s papers. The identity of the real woman is unknown to anyone. Writer Marie Benedict Her identification was provided by her and she narrates the story with many historical characters. This young person’s story was very entertaining to me. It made me want to investigate the Culper Ring as well as the War Of Independence.

This is a quick story that will make you question how much of what you believed to be true. You can do it! listen The writer’s notes at end describe her research into the possible existence of a female spy during the American Transformation. These were tough individuals, who did the right thing for the greater good of all. This was relatable and encouraging, without degrading the authenticity of the historical age.

The storyteller was able to communicate clearly and could understand both male and female voices.

This would be a great family watch. One swear word I think I heard was a man holding on to a woman snugly and also looking (she is quickly separated), a short reference to a man taking his better half into the bed room and some unfavorable conditions in a prison boat. However, all of it is rather vaugue as well as is not described further.
This is Historical Fiction at its finest, based on actual events during the War of independence. These spies were not only for the Patriot cause, but were they also female? This is what you will see. book One of them, at most, is a solid woman living in Patriot New York City. The writer truly “showed them not told us” about Colonial life. You can find information about any topic, such as culture and the living conditions of British soldiers quartering. I was able to buy the heroine and the tensions that came with not only complying with a female’s function, but also debriefing General Washington. The ending as much as the afterwords were truly satisfying. Find out who Agent 355 can have been in the background
At first, I wasn’t impressed by this program. It appeared to be historical facts disguised in a story. However, I began to notice the author’s intentions and was amazed. Her aim is to reveal the founding moms who are often overlooked. books. This is completed by her inventing the life and activities of a female spies, a story that has been retold in history as Representative 355She studied to limit the possibilities of what a female might have been. This gave her the fictional name Elizabeth Morris. Elizabeth isn’t the type of lady she wants to be. She prefers to stay home, review rather than going to an extravagant supper celebration.

The nests are divided over the concern of continuing their devotion to the crown and preserving their independence. Elizabeth silently opposes her loyalist parents in favor of self.-reliance. She wants to serve, but she won’t be allowed as a female soldier until she realizes that soldiers talk easily to women, and are unable to recognize or respect what is being said. Agent 355 Audiobook Online. This is how you pretend to embrace the feminine arts of needlework.-She collects important information from the source of her self-It is a key factor in the defeat by the British. She marries a spy, and then returns home for 8 hours. However, she is taken into British custody and detained. You can find out more by watching the entire program. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.