N.L. Hinkens – The Lies She Told Audiobook

N.L. Hinkens – The Lies She Told Audio Book: A psychological thriller audio book

N.L. Hinkens - The Lies She Told (A psychological suspense thriller) Audiobook

The Lies She Told Audiobook


While we may not know the people around us, do we really recognize those we live with? Are you married to someone? You might think you know your spouse, but after reading this bookYou might have questions. N.L. Hinkens – The Lies She Told Audiobook Free. This is an excellent example showing how one wrong act as a young adult can return and haunt you later in life. A simple attempt to fit in with friends could end up changing lives forever. This is a terrible thing that also stimulates extraordinary mercy and understanding in people. This is a great thriller to check out!
This is just one example. books This will keep you thinking up until the very last. I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll keep this brief. The The narrator had a bad experience in high school. However, you aren’t sure how bad it was until the end. book. You will also think about the identity of the person until it is over. I hope that there will be some kind of follow-up. book Stand upright on a cliffhanger

His genre of publication is based on stories. (Main personality has a key to their past, and currently in today, they are obtaining dangerous, strange notes, etc.) I understand. Therefore, the author should bring something new.-You can bring something fresh or new to the table that will boost your emotions and set it apart from all the other emotional thrillers. For me, however, this set was not able to do that. You could skip through most of the story because it was repetitive. The rest, even though some false trails were made, is pretty obvious once her trick is revealed. The The ‘double shock’ at the end was not surprising.
The Lies She My 4th amazing read by N.L., Informed A Mental Thriller Thriller HinkensThis is my second straight today. After listening to/reading The This is another woman I admired. book. The Hitchcockian suspense story was a delight.-Line with its intricately woven weave. Norma (N.L. Hinkens Gets on my radar of great authors! I was offered an Audible copy of this publication back in April and also am just now getting around to willingly reading & assessing it. Brittany Goodwin, a storyteller, adds to the guide’s enjoyment.

I have enjoyed 2 to 3 books by this author up until now. N.L. Bunkers tells a compelling story every time! Bunkers tells a compelling story with lots of suspense. Even if one assumes the bad guy correctly at the end, there is still plenty to be interested in. bookThere is enough interest rate and predictability to keep you reading. Hinkens It is one of a few authors that I can happily enjoy without having to worry about explicit scenes or foul language. I am grateful to the author, who gave me this rare gift in this genre. It is a pleasure to have become a friend.-New fan!
The problem with lies was that once you tell them they didn’t really die and they certainly didn’t make matters better. Everybody has that point in their lives where they wish to return. But what if that point comes back to haunt your here and now? What if the thing you thought was dead came back to life, and terrorized every thing around it? This book It kept me reading from beginning to end. The Lies She Told Audiobook Online. It was so complex that I finally read it all. It was impossible to put down. Excellent read. Can’t wait to continue the next.

You are instantly hooked from the beginning. She was a constant reminder of my needs. It was a great feeling to see her believe in herself and find a solution to the problems she was facing. The closing was amazing. I cannot wait for more information from this author.

Haley Burrows is a young, enthusiastic attorney who has just found her dream job. But someone is watching her. After finding her tires lowered and a huge message written across her windscreen, Haley quickly realizes that the situation has actually turned out to be a deadly trap for her anonymous stalker. She can’t call the police because she is hiding a past crime that could cause her to lose her charmed life. She is unable to trust her intuition and wits to find her stalker, as she has been enslaved by the lies that have shaped her life.