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Nikki Sloane – Three Simple Rules (The Blindfold Club Book 1 Audiobook

Three Simple Rules (The Blindfold Club Book 1) by Nikki Sloane Audiobook Download

Three Simple Rules Audiobook




Your ovaries should be prepared. My ovaries are already steel-layered so there was no need to worry.

I was completely unaware of what to expect from this publication. I read the blurb, but it really doesn’t cover the whole story. book. There is more to sex than hot sex. What? You didn’t know there was so much of it. It’s worth saying twice.

Evelyn loves almost every aspect of her job as an experienced developer at a Chicago firm. Well, almost everything. It is a shame that she was a rectal and also dickhead manager. Nikki Sloane – Three Simple Rules Audiobook Free. He is not afraid to criticize and he doesn’t sugarcoat it. Evelyn’s mistake can cost the company $10,000. She’s caught between a rock & a hard place. She isn’t going to give up the job she loves, but she promises Logan she will spend the money to correct her error. Now she just has to figure out how to get the cash.

Evelyn’s friend is spontaneous and honest and enjoys sex with men. Evie is her companion at an unusual escort agency. She offers Evie a way out by operating one night at the club. Evie’s logic tells her to stop doing what she says is insane. However, Evie’s alarming situation and her impulse are telling her to do it. She agrees. Here is where she also meets him.

I must warn you that there is a total of 2 MFF scenes. The first one was warm and I felt it fitted the scene well. However, the second one left me a little unsure. MFF isn’t something I like, but it works if the story fits. If it isn’t your cup of tea, just be aware.

I don’t want to tell you more because it was a wonderful experience blind just like Evie.-RRB-

I found it really enjoyable Nikki Sloan’s writing style. Evie and Logan were both relatable characters created by Sloan. Although I wasn’t able to feel the connection between them at the beginning, she made it seem so natural. Logan is a bit of an asshole, but he quickly transforms his song once he’s with Evie.
Trish, my friend, suggested these publications to us. As I’m blindly receptive to her suggestions, she recommended them to me. This collection is addicting, I’m already on publication 3! I love all of these! books Different couples can be read separately or together.

Evelyn is completely dedicated to her job, and her field is highly competitive in Chicago. She is determined to make amends for the little error she made. Evelyn calls Payton, her friend, for help in these difficult times.
Although I’m sure I have friends at either end of this range about the score of this publication I was happy for it. It is becoming attractive. As in, off the graphes appealing. Are there minutes that are a bit shaky? Yes. Is this permissible? Yes, it is. Evelyn is motivated to make a mistake, and Logan ends up enjoying it in many delicious ways. Warning! This book will definitely test your boundaries. This publication is all about open expressions of sex, love, and all the little bits that go with it. There is sharing involved. There are two FFM scenes. I did not find the latter one to be very fitting. While I wasn’t a fan of what it was allowed to do, I did eventually move forward. Logan begins as someone who is brusque, uncompanionable and inept. But as we get closer to him and learn more about his motivations, Logan heats up. Evie can be a bit ignorant at times. There are some twists in the plot that make things interesting, but not unusual to me. Overall, a great read. Safety and security OW with permission for both. Yes to sharing.
My very first Nikki Sloane The publication was dark book. It was a great read. Three Simple Policies is an independent piece and part of the Blindfold Club collection. This is Evelyn’s story as well as Logan.

This collection was my binge-read. I started with the first issue and then I move on to the third. book. This is how much I love this series. This publication is simple, easy and incredibly steamy. It hits all the top areas.

Evelyn is a functional woman. She loves her job as much as she wants to advance in her field. She makes mistakes that cost the company countless dollars. She needs quick money to pay herself off, before others figure it out.

Logan is her employer. He’s difficult and he is honest, even though Evelyn doesn’t like him. The method is wonderful. book I love the dynamic relationship between Evelyn and Logan. I appreciate Evelyn’s hard work and willingness to take on a lot in order to accomplish something she enjoys.

Logan is not all that he appears. I love seeing his many sides. Evelyn informs Logan of her mistake and he says he will pay it as long he gets the cash after the weekend.

This publication is warm. Evelyn’s best friend Payton works at a sexclub and hooks Evelyn up for an evening there so she can make quick cash. Logan is her next client, which Evelyn doesn’t understand.
This was my favorite part of the meal. book Logan is an amazing person. Three Simple Rules Audiobook Online. As much as I love billionaire booksLogan is very reasonable, which I like, but I also love Evelyn’s confidence and his presence in Evelyn’s world.
I’m going to need to come up with a better synonym of “warm” because that’s all I can remember.

Three Simple Regulators might be misleading. When I saw the description below on Goodreads, it most definitely mislead me. Although I was looking for a hot book, Evelyn was actually there to sell herself in a club where women of the street can earn 30.000 dollars per night. This didn’t excite me.