Kent Haruf – Our Souls at Night Audiobook

Kent Haruf – Our Souls at Night Audiobook

Kent Haruf - Our Souls at Night Audio Book Free

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Eight years ago, I reviewed “Plainsong” and was as stunned as ever. It was so good that I instantly turned to “Eventide”, which was almost as powerful as it was affecting. I eagerly attended to among Harufearlier books”Where You As soon As Belonged” was my motto, but it was still average. I decided that I had finally reached the end. Kent Haruf. However, he has been buried in the tomb since he passed away last November. Haruf HE reaches out with OUR SOULS DURING NIGHT. This valedictory story is exactly on the same elevated plane of “Plainsong” and “Eventide”. This heritage is made up of three incredible stories.

Like his previous stories, OUR SOULS at NIGHT is set in eastern Colorado’s Holt community. Our Souls at Night Audiobook Free. While Holt is most likely modeled after Yuma in Colorado, it is actually a community that is similar to several other communities on the High Plains. Small, but not insular, rural, everyone knows everyone’s company. A people that outsiders, particularly liberal city slickers, could overlook as small-Thoughtful, with many tireless people, a few misfits, and a surprising amount of decent, wise, but not pretentious souls.

Louis Waters, Addie Moore, and Louis Waters are included in this category. Addie is seventy and has been a resident of Holt for forty years.-She has been a widow for many years, and she was only four years old. Louis, a widower of the same age, went to university in Holt and began a career. He returned home forty years later.-Six years earlier. They live just a block from each other, but they didn’t know each other very well. One evening Addie shows up at Louis knocks on Louis’s door and asks him to talk with him. So begIns a late-in-Life love affair between two spirits who had given up on their lives to live out the rest of their days alone. Louis saves his home however at He walks down Addie’s street at night, and then walks home the next day. The partnership expands even to include sex after a few months. Although the plan is scandalous to some, Louis and Addie don’t care. However, their children care, especially Addie’s genetics. But there is a problem.

OUR SOULS @ NIGHT is a wonderful story, even though it sounds trite. It’s not extraordinary, it’s not edgy and it’s not cynical. Neither is it filled with paradoxes as so much contemporary literature. It is sincere. HarufThe prose of’s is pared-Maybe even more than in his earlier years, he is down and limpid. books. Our SOULS IN EVENING can all be read in one evening. If you’re anything like me, it will be one of your best nights of reading. Addie Moore’s wife died years before. Louis Waters’s wife also died. They are neighbors, living in the same place, which they shared with their partners for many years. They are friends but were not close. They were only neighbors that showed kindness to each other. Louis receives Addie on his patio just before it gets dark. He invites her to his house and proposes to him. It is one of the strangest things he has ever heard, but he does recognize it. He should come to her home and have sex with her. Except for sex. Talk. Convenience. Convenience. He is also lonely, but he hasn’t confessed. He does it. Their relationship blossoms. They find they can talk about their dead mates, children, how their marriages went (blended great but not as great), and how neither one of them got what they wanted in their lives. Addie’s child drops Jamie off with grandma, while Addie goes through a difficult time: his spouse has left, his service is in disarray, and he could go bankrupt. Louis and Addie support Jamie’s growth. The neighborhood has come to terms with their connection. Some accept others. Louis as well as Addie discovered some of the benefits associated with aging. Kent Haruf – Our Souls at Night Audio Book Download. They don’t need to be concerned about what others think of them. Their own views are the only ones that matter. After a lifetime of living in a way that others don’t condemn you, it is liberating.