P. Dangelico – Baby Maker Audiobook

P. Dangelico – Baby Maker Audiobook

P. Dangelico - Baby Maker Audio Book Free

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Reviewing Paola is always a fun experience Dangelico. Her mixture of perfect writing, refined humor, endearing characters and hot chemistry is what I find most appealing.

Stella is Stella, an energetic, stubborn, and hardworking female from a challenging organisation. Her heart, stamina, and persistence were admirable. She is an economic geek who is also a badass in her own way. Although she’s built a solid career, her body clock keeps ticking more loudly. She decides to have an infant when she finds a man who is a good match for her baby. Stella isn’t a dreamer; she is pragmatic. Stella is looking for a reliable dad who will take care of her child and share parental duties. Their co-Parenting is a business arrangement between two respected adults.

Dane Wylder was a retired professional football player. Baby Maker Audiobook Free. He’s not sure what the future holds for him, and is feeling depressed and also useless despite his celebrity and charity work. He wants a child, but he doesn’t want a spouse. Stella’s service agreement is exactly what he needs.

Dane is a bit of an idiot in the beginning. He is cocky and prejudiced against women. I recognized him much better because of his past. He has many problems due to youth loss.

Stella and Dane’s explosive chemistry was what I loved, in fact. Despite their differences, they were able to work well together. They are able to sense that there is something more between them. It was fun to see these personalities grow and become friends. Stella is often shocked by Dane. He is supportive, secure, and makes Stella feel safe. He’s not the best at natural things, but he has a big heart.

I could not stop smiling while I read this publication. It’s a great love story with great discussion and vibrant personalities. Their chemistry is so natural, and their banter is hilariously funny. This fun and enjoyable romance was something I loved. This is my first publication in the It Takes Two series. book This writer. Even though it’s a standalone piece, I had the impression that there was more to it. books You can find it earlier in the timeline. This collection appears to be a spinoff from Hard to Love, which has a lot of characters that cross over. Although this is true, book This collection is very enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone.

The writer did an excellent job setting up the characters in a way that was both realistic and fair. Stella and Dane had been given certain issues in their childhoods. They were both very attached to what they wanted, as well as what they didn’t want. This, along with their opposite personality types made it fun to watch them clash in the beginning. P. Dangelico – Baby Maker Audio Book Download. Although I wanted to slap Dane once or twice for being a country bonehead stereotype, he was very appealing and smart. But he quickly tore into me as he continued down that path with Stella. We were able to see the man behind his exterior, and I also understood why he made those decisions. I enjoyed the communication between them and also the results their partnership created throughout the guide. The second characters were also enjoyable to me (I loved Delia!)I enjoyed their banter and relationships with the primary characters as well as each other.

This book was filled with great characters and wonderful relationships. There was also plenty of humor with just the right amount of sizzle, which made it a fantastic read. I am looking forward to reading the Hard to Love book again to complete the details. I also anticipate more publications on the It Takes Two pairs. 5 stars. Dane and Stella – What a wonderful pair! Although I did not like them at first, I began to fall in love with them. It took time and creativity. Stella for her trustworthiness of females, Dane for his approach to this subject, and Stella for her willingness to rely on anyone.