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Rina Kent – Deviant King: A Dark High School Bully Romance, Royal Elite Book 1 Audiobook

Deviant King: A Dark High School Bully Romance (Royal Elite Book 1) by [Rina Kent] Audiobook Download

Deviant King Audiobook


This was an amazing bully romance. If you enjoy this category, then this guide is for you. The Hero is a major jerk, a bully, and completely consumed by Elsa Quinn. He harasses her at first by making the entire school against her her very first day. Later, he makes it a point to harass her into doing almost anything she does. Rina Kent – Deviant King Audiobook Online. Online.

This publication was something I’d been looking forward to. Recently, I checked out Noble Savages which contained guide Cruel King. Bully Love is as much my passion as Cruel King This was one of my favorite books and was a great step towards a brand.-New direction Rina Kent. I believe all of her Mafia/assassin Series are excellent. books They are truly extraordinary. Cruel King Levi was the story King It also included Levi’s cousin Adrian, and also this book Adrian’s tale. Adrian’s conversation with Levi sounded almost like a lunatic.

Elsa prefers to be in the background, but she isn’t afraid to speak up for herself. Even though Aiden hesitates to help her, she does so anyway. He seems to see right through her. He says she enjoys being forced to do things she feels she should be concerned about. She may believe she has to because he made it very difficult for her.

Elsa meets Kim, a woman who sneaks around the edges of the school’s pupils, on her first day at Royal Elite Institution. They become close friends. She sees Aiden playing on the field with some of his closest friends. She looks into his eyes and can’t turn away. He approaches her and tells her he will ruin her.
Aiden is the king in the institution and the trainee body treats him like garbage. El and Aiden have daily glaring match but, apart from that, they do not have any contact. He doesn’t straight-Bullying her is something he does, however he also doesn’t do anything. Considering that not one word from him would stop it, she blames the man for starting it and allowing it continue.

The first day of their senior year, he begins to harass her face-to-face. He wants her just as much as he putsty in his hand. There are many other tricks involved. Elsa is being cared for by her aunt as well as uncle since her parents have passed away. She doesn’t remember anything before she was brought to the hospital and also doesn’t want to.

Kim also has a secret affair with Kim. Kim won’t reveal what it is but it is the reason Kim was castaway despite knowing 90% of the intermediate school students. Kim lives right next to Aiden, as well as near Aiden’s friend Xander.

Aiden is the biggest secret. Why is he so dark-eyed? Elsa calls him sick, but he doesn’t deny that he knows he’s different than others. Elsa wants to know what made him tick by this. She also wonders if he was abused in his youth. It is beautiful how it is written. We as visitors may not recognize the solutions, but I love the way it is written.
Some publications have readers who know the tricks, but the people who have them don’t tell each other. This is a problem I find in many publications. This book This is not what they do. The viewers are just as clueless about the tricks that the characters are.

It is impossible to say that this writer doesn’t have high school bully love.
I’ve found it difficult to cope with the similarities with Cruel. King (Levi’s King Story and Innovator for this series
If I hadn’t already read it, it would be a pleasure to continue reading it.

Aiden is a psychotic total with a quiet face as well as an enormous smart brain. He is a dangerous, intense, and cold person.-He has lethal eyes and the world at his side.
Elsa is an outsider just like Astrid. She is trying to get over her past and parents who have passed away (as Astrid).
Their connection is required from the beginning. Aiden demanded Elsa’s body and life. While he did not rape her, he was a complete abuser of her.
After I cringed at the beginning, I was able to appreciate the story.
We met Aiden King Cruel King This story was in the Noble Savages Boxset and I was thrilled to have it in my hands. Aiden in CK was clearly a bit jacked in his head. He was very dark and mysterious. This is what I long for in a young boy.
This book There are many tricks, and also an enigma. I simply had to keep turning the page to discover more. Deviant King: A dark high school bully romance – free Audiobook. Elsa is struggling with her satanic enemies or monsters. Although she doesn’t know where or why they exist, they keep biting at her. Aiden is able to stop the beasts, but what happens when the guard turns into a monster? We can’t wait to read Steel Princess and find out.