Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook

Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength in Dark Fantasy Litrpg Series Audiobook

Audiobook Download - Enemy of the World - Book 1 of Main Character hides his Strength (A Dark Fantasy Litrpg Series) by [Road Warrior, Edward Ro, Minsoo Kang]

Road Warrior – Enemy of the World Audiobook



The iron gates on the Walls bordering the Plaza opened, and an alienesque creature wriggled with it. Uneasy conversation ensued between a man with a particularly clear view and another man.

The assumption of the man was correct. But, this was the only way something as simple could have happened. the Blanche Plaza. It was a Man who had appeared.-Standing at the Mantis Eating Station the Elevation of A man. There was a swarm. of They number in the hundreds.

” Currently! Trashy humans! Weapons are coming to be. Choose one! Run or fight! Kekeke! You can just let it all be eaten!”

The Homunculi began dancing when they were ridiculed the Summoned. Summoned. of What to do. Sungchul, however, was something else. Without showing any type of He patiently awaited certain emotions the Arrival of the weapons. A worn blade all of All of a sudden, a new website appeared in the air.
It was only 4 days ago that I had this realization. the There was mass mobilization and an unsympathetic energy circling the Blanche plaza. 1500 people were involved in active cooking the Stink of It was like eating a corpse without water or food. There was no conversation, only constant glares across the room. the plaza.

The audio of Plastic can rust from one edge of the plaza. Many hundred sets of Eyes shot in the Direction of the Man pulling something out of his clothes. It was a empty cigarette container.

The man kept asking the question with hollow eyes, even as his voice tightened. A few of the As he was being beaten up, men who were nearby spat obscenities and spit on him. They did not stop, and neither could his pitiful screams. of Sort of reaction.

After the Beat was successfully completed the Man continued to mutter as he laid on the ground, the ground.

Sungchul is automatically recognized the face. It was the Face of the An idiotic man asked for some cigarettes. the Very first day. Looking at the His jagged nose and bruised eyes were a reflection of his character. the The man could have lasted 2 more days or he would not be here as long. the evening. His spirit seemed to be more dead than his body.

Sungchul did not only appreciate how ideal it was to invest his time here, but he also refocused his attention on his goals.

“In the Ende, I did not really care of Find any type of Hidden Missions.’.

There were no other events of the After they had left, the selected ones were retained the Forsaken Sanctuary. It was totally against his expectations. of the Preselected candidates would be called out one at time, however none of They had moved inconspicuously. He could only keep an eye on them throughout the day. the day.

They actually took over the Northern edge of the plaza and also the There is a training center. Training with the Preselected was possible within. the Technique and rotating dexterity dummies. Other people mocked them and aimed at them like crackpots.

“Tsk, tsk. They don’t have anything to eat and are simply wasting their power. They are simply asking for a quicker death.”.

These people were simply ignorant. The Preselected would rapidly grow within. the Training facility

” Haha, the audio of Get your punch on the The dummy is getting crisp! What amount of toughness do your current levels?”.

The difference was small, but it was beginning to show. This would end up being an important aspect of their lives. the future dilemma.

Sungchul thoughtlessly punched in a dummy the Corner of the His eavesdropping continued at the training center. It was worth noting two individuals. of This team.

Yuhoon Lee: A natural-A born leader, whose wit may appeal to anyone combined with a calm voice that would also be coveted by an announcer.

Ahram Park: Ahram had arrived not only on his first day but also showed himself to be supported by one. of the Most powerful factions. He had already verified his authority. the Drill Sergeant, and was more prominent than the His powerful past made it possible. The possibilities of He was given a Hidden Quest which was quite significant. Ahram seemed extra curious about Ahram’s sex.-Related conquests are more common than any other type of training.

“Do you have a partner?” It seems like you may have one… but perhaps not? Keke.”.

He was not trained at all. He avoided any type of Type of labor, including hitting the Dummies had also come to be much more of A trouble with his inexhaustible supply of Pick-Move up. The women who were interested in the Because of his fan, he quickly lost interest in the project. of His lecherous, wayward mentality.

He was eventually turned away by all of the As well as current resorted to women outside, preselected females are also available of the group. They all seemed tired and despondent. However, some of them still had some hope. of Their previous elegance. As he held his assignments in his arms, he drooled lustily.

Sungchul thought Ahram looked like an animal in warm confinement in a cage. He believed that Ahram would be a big event in the near future. Sungchul was able to get away with it quickly. Ahram left with an unusually young past the He returned to his home alone, despite the wall. Only Sungchul knew the truth.

A remote area covered in leaves contained the following: the remains of a nude female. Sungchul was able to acknowledge it, but she did not express emotion. The distinctive handprint on her neck indicated that she had suffered from asphyxiation. The most incriminating thing of Evidence was the She had skin and blood ingrained under her nails. Couple of Assignments were left behind the As if you were simulating your body the victim.

Ahram had been twisted from the inside, he felt. the It can be difficult to start, but having so much authority at once could make things worse. This was the first to realize how many would be lost. It was up to Sungchul, to find a way to stop this.

‘I need to set-up some sort of of Special experience for him, his Guide.’.

Sungchul closed the If left open, the eyes of a woman were frozen in anxiety. He also murmured quietly under his breath.

He avoided the Female and also placed the dangers of the He is surrounded by dark woods.

After dusk, the Preselected would receive more the You can eat your food on walls while you sit. the Woodland flooring. They were provided with the following provisions: the Drill Sergeant contained only stagnant bread and small beads, which would eventually turn into a mouthful. of When water is placed in their mouths, they will drink it. It wasn’t great, but it was something that was precious. They were the Only those who are among them will be able to participate the This would allow 1500 people to consume it.