Robert Patterson – Dereliction of Duty Audiobook

Robert Patterson – Dereliction of Duty Audiobook (Eyewitness Account) of How Bill Clinton compromised America’s National Security

Robert Patterson - Dereliction of Duty Audio Book Free

Dereliction of Duty Audiobook


This publication must be read. It exposes Expense and Hillary as they are. But it also provides a keen understanding of the lasting effect. of Their horrible legacy is especially evident in terms of Just how disgusting they are of The decisions and policies made by the armed forces influenced our choices, which we are still trying recover from today. Buzz, a true patriot gives his opinion. of view on things Americans regard as provided, such the complexity of Every presidential trip. It includes Hillary’s disaster over her dumb sunglasses being left behind. Dereliction of Duty Audiobook Free. It’s both heartening and sad to hear the truth from someone who lived through the Clinton years. We are grateful to the author for both his solution and his willingness to share the truth. I recommend it highly book To all Americans, to make them aware of what really happens behind closed doors. We hope they won’t be deafening and blind in the future, and that EVERY Head will remain. of State accountable for America’s priceless America of The “tales”. of What happened at the White House? This is the confirmation that one received. of These are the people closest to the historic structure.
He was an occupation military officer who swore to “safeguard and safeguard the constitution” of The United States of America”, the fact that he didn’t create guide as a military member energetically shows a lot. of tact in support of Author.
I offer the rank of Lt. Col. Patterson a great deal of Credit for his professionalism and his ability to keep his mouth shut while serving the President. Also, credit for not giving in. If I was in the same situation, I don’t know if I would have been able to persevere as he did with all those who failed. However, I also give him a lot. of Credit rating for providing a rather “impartial”, considering the years he spent in the White House.
Patterson Composes with a lot of sentence. Although he doesn’t write as if he has an ego against his former company, he writes like an objective chronicler. The truth is that “the story needs to be told.”
My analysis shows that the Lt.Col. was worried because he writes with a lot of weight. of heart. He is certainly not a firebrand of A writer, and that gives integrity to the book. However, it was a wonderful read from a literary viewpoint. This is a great book. book. Buzz Patterson Is honest and open-minded. of In fact, he seems downright sorry for having to criticize his former employer), but as a specialist with a management of Incompetence and lack of knowledge are widespread of knowledge. This is a sign. of Things to Come and plead, not to vote for Republicans per se, mais to elect people who understand army technique, national safety truths, and which of However, this was not the case under Clinton’s management.
The book This is a story of Patterson As well as his relationship with Clinton during both years of Assistant assigned to carry the “nuclear football” Guide contains many alarming details, including the shocking story of Clinton’s loss of his collection. of For an indefinite amount, nuclear codes are the most critical notepads worldwide. of He was rumored to have been a spokesman for the Taliban. Notable is also the cavalier attitude he and his staff displayed with military personnel, with phases on everything from the Somalia (‘Black hawk Down”) fiasco to refusing bin Laden’s capture when offered the chance (especially in light of The fact that he was behind a number of them of Battles, as well the USS Cole strike Robert Patterson – Dereliction of Duty Audio Book Download. This list could go on. We gave North Korea two nuclear power plants in exchange for nonproliferation agreements. And look at where we are now. Thank you, Expense. This is how Loral was able to sell ‘dual’.-China to ‘purpose’ modern technology. This significantly improved their nuclear weapons distribution capacity. It is also how Air Force One seats were actually sold to large Autonomous donors. Continue reading. Don’t miss the section on Hillary’s influence over the White House (people hailing from New York are particularly interested). Don’t mention Al Gore’s dislike of military people, which is so strong that even when he is greeted positively, he would totally disregard them. (A side note: I used to be a C.-9 pilots in the Air Pressure and also understood many individuals in the Presidential Pilot Workplace, Andrews AFB. They also verified my habits privately.).
Chronology is the single most valuable tool in this publication. of significant foreign policy events of The Clinton years. There are many occasions on the checklist of These years are emphasized and placed in context.
This book is not recommended if you love Bill and Hillary as well as Al. bookYou absolutely must. If you desire an honest view of This publication is a wonderful representation of life at the Clinton White House.