Jhumpa Lahiri – The Namesake Audiobook

Jhumpa Lahiri – The Namesake Audiobook

Jhumpa Lahiri - The Namesake Audiobook Free

The Namesake Audio Book




The unique begins in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1968. Ashima Ganguli is expecting a child and makes a snack in her apartment’s kitchen, which she shares her with Ashoke. Both of them were married in Calcutta. Their marriage was organized by their mothers and fathers. Ashoke is a college-level student in electrical engineering at MIT. Jhumpa Lahiri – The Namesake Audiobook Free. Ashima hesitated about moving across the globe with a male that she didn’t recognize, but she persevered and fulfilled her household’s wishes. She brings to life the child she met in the Cambridge hospital. Ashoke, who lost his life in an Indian train accident as a boy, decides that Gogol should be the boy’s name. This is after Nikolai Gogol (the Russian writer). Ashoke and Ashima both agree to register the name of the child as “Gogol.”Ashoke prefers Gogol because Ashoke had read Gogol during his train accident. A went down the page of that book The authorities recognized Ashoke among the wreckage and saved his life.

The Gangulis await a “official” name for Gogol in the mail, sent from Calcutta. Ashima’s grandma, who is the one with the ritualistic honor to call the child, has a stroke and her letter with Gogol’s formal name is lost in transit. The Ashima discovers that she can take Gogol with her on her errands, family is a way of life in Cambridge. As the household prepares for its first journey back to Calcutta Ashoke along with Ashima find out that Ashima has lost her father. Their trip is marked by sadness. Ashima is particularly sad about her parents and her Calcutta home. This is despite the fact that her family has a growing network of Bengali friends living in Boston.

The Gangulis move to Boston from Mumbai, where Ashoke finds a job in the field of electrical engineering. Ashima misses Ashima’s visits to him in the mornings, and he also begins kindergarten. Gogol enters college. His moms and fathers have chosen Nikhil for him, but Gogol insists on being called Gogol. Ashoke and Ashima have another child, Sonia. The years pass and the family moves into a modest house in the suburbs on Pemberton Road. Gogol is resentful of his Indian name during high school. In literature class, Gogol learns more about Nikolai Gogol and is alarmed at the man’s eccentric, unhappiness. Ashoke offers Gogol an exact copy of Gogol’s stories as a present for his fourteenth Birthday celebration. Ashoke also tells Gogol about the train accident but he represses. Gogol hides his guide in a wardrobe, and ignores it.

Before going to Yale, Gogol formalizes his name as Nikhil. He meets Ruth, a girl he falls in love with, and they continue to date for more than a year. Ashoke tells him about the train, after waiting in hurry for Gogol’s Amtrak train to arrive.-Gogol’s name was given to him by the wreck that almost killed him. Gogol did not know this story until now. Nikhil develops a passion for architecture after graduating Yale. He then attends Columbia’s design school. He lives in Manhattan and benefits from a Manhattan company. Maxine, a New Jersey girl, finds him attractive. Maxine has a multicultural lifestyle with her dad and mom in Midtown. Nikhil literally moves into Maxine’s home and both take it very seriously. Gogol introduces Maxine and his parents to Maxine one summer season. Maxine then spends 2 weeks with Maxine’s family in New Hampshire, the Ratliffs. Maxine believes that their life is better than his parents’.

Ashoke is awarded a visiting professorship in Cleveland. He also moves there during the school year. He returns home each three weeks to visit Ashima, take care the house and do household chores. Ashoke calls Ashima and informs her that he has been admitted to the health centre for a minor abdominal ailment. Ashima remembers Ashoke’s death from a cardiovascular disease. The Namesake Audiobook Online Jhumpa Lahiri. The Family is shocked. Gogol flys to Cleveland to clean out the condo or apartment of his papa. The Family members follow standard Bengali mourning practices, Maxine feeling left out. Maxine and Gogol are separated after the duration ends.

Gogol lives in New York and visits his sister and mom in Boston more often. Ashima brings Gogol to New York, where he meets Moushumi, his family friend from Pemberton Roadway who is currently studying for a French degree.-Literature PhD in New York. Gogol and Moushumi initially resist this blind date. However, they soon discover that they like and understand each other. They keep on dating and soon fall in love. They get married in New Jersey at a Bengali wedding after around a year. It is near Moushumi’s parents. They share a midtown apartment.

Time passes. The Couple takes a trip down to Paris, where Moushumi presents a paper at a meeting. The marriage stress. Moushumi enjoys spending time with Brooklyn friends who are creative and fun, while Gogol finds them annoying and self-deprecating.-seeking. Gogol feels bitter about Graham, Moushumi’s banker, ex-fiancé, who was good friends with the creative staff Moushumi still loves. Moushumi, feeling trapped in the marriage, starts an event with a friend, an unmotivated academic named Dimitri Desjardins. Nikhil eventually catches her lying and she confesses to all. They split.

Gogol is back on Pemberton Roadway to celebrate the last Christmas celebration. His sister Sonia has married a man named Ben. She is also staying in Boston. Ashima will spend half of her time in Boston, and fifty percent in Calcutta. She is close to family. Gogol will continue working as a New York-based designer but for a smaller firm that has more creative input. Nikhil adds to his space. He also finds the Gogol tales that his dad gave him. This helps him understand how important the author was to his dad. Gogol, feeling close to Ashoke’s memories, starts reading the Gogol as the unique endings.