Lauren Blakely – Full Package Audiobook

Lauren Blakely – Full Package Audiobook

Lauren Blakely - Full Package Audio Book Free

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Lauren Blakely There’s one more amusing and spellbinding, delicious rom.-It is the complete plan. There are many things that happen: lines are crossed, feelings are heightened, friendships are tested, amusing exchanges take place, and delicious treats are shared.

Chase Summers (also known as Physician McHottie) has been friends with Josie Hammer for what seems like forever. He wanted to start his own brand.-Josie needs a new place to rent, and Josie also needs a roommate. What’s the worst that could happen if they start to live together?

Josie was very honest in telling Chase what she wanted, and how she wanted it. That is something you wouldn’t have expected from someone as sweet as Josie. Full Package Audiobook Free. She is a formidable force in the kitchen and a fast witter.

Chase is undoubtedly attractive. However, there’s more to him that his great looks. He is intelligent, funny, a fan of boxing, and always willing to help his fellow man. He is a great friend and family man. It’s easy to surrender to his heart. His ‘plan’ never lets him down.

This is a ridiculously stupid idea. book I realized that staying up late was something I couldn’t have really respected. I laughed, I wept and then I swooned. These delicious recipes were an amazing addition and paired perfectly with the pair.

Lauren We have another great friend to love, who is charming, charming, and also entertaining. Complete Plan is lighthearted and brings joy, interest, heartfelt, laughter, and a lot of fun.-Smacking sweets. You should run to grab your treats and not just walk. Full Plan today! I am most likely to venture out on a limb in this state as well as Chase, which is my favorite. Blakely boy! That’s a big deal because she wrote my best! book Brent Nichols, spouse. Yet oh Chase! He’s as cute as it gets!

Full Package The complete package is what it does. It’s funny, charming, and sexy. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud the first time, as well as feigning your own affections the second. Chase and Josie are #couplegoals. They are close friends whose friendship develops and also strengthens over the course of the unique. Also, their feelings blossom into more than just a romantic relationship. It was a great pleasure to study this publication. These 2 are delightful and so enjoyable. The little talk, the teasing and the references… trademark Blakely luster! It is possible that I may not have enough of anything.

Followers of friends are welcome-To-lovers, brother’s-friend, best friend’s-Complete Bundle, little sis romances, is the right guide for you. All things related to this book It brought me joy and I couldn’t wait to see it end. I enjoyed the chance to visit with characters from previous publications. And I’m looking forward to the remaining parts of the story. books ahead! No matter what’s on my TBR, it will definitely get bumped. Lauren Blakely She releases an additional Male of RomCom title. Informed from the heroes’ POV Full Plan is a close friend to fans” trope. Lauren Blakely – Full Package Audio Book Download. This hilarious comedy tells the story of Chase Summers as well as Josie Hammer. Josie is Nick’s younger sis. Wyatt’s tales were told in Mister O as well as Well Hung.

Chase and Josie have been best buddies for many years. You have to share an apartment with them to see that you have more close friend feelings than one another. They are off-The-Charts are the perfect place to meet. They are more than just physically attracted. There is much more to their feelings. Both try to conceal their feelings at first. They both fear that their relationship will be destroyed if they act on their attraction. This is evident and they communicate almost constantly, no matter how innocent. Even just watching TV together or cooking together was not enough. Although this trope has been mentioned a few times, it is still a good one. Lauren Blakely This was not the only thing I did. It also included humor and extreme sexual tension. I was completely absorbed in this. book. The cute couple Chase and Josie made into me was just too adorable not to love.

Chase is an Emergency Room physician at Grace Healthcare in NYC. He is charming, smart, kind, and so considerate of Josie. He always puts her first. It was so easy for Josie and Chase to love each other, I have no doubt. The perfect man. A publication boyfriend. I would like to mention that Chase is my absolute favorite hero, out of all the men in this series. Certainly.

Josie runs a bakery near NYC. She is fun, devoted, and eccentric. I loved her personality. Josie didn’t have her POV but there are some tips that show her true feelings “written” into her dishes. To recognize my suggestions, you’ll have to read.

I was shocked at how fast I took down these 300 pages of Chase and Josie’s love. It was bittersweet when it ended. It was amusing and fun. It was full of tender and pleasant moments, as well as a lot of sexual tension and amusing conversation. Did I mention that there was a lot sex?-Related Stress? Yes!