Paolo Cognetti – The Eight Mountains Audiobook

Paolo Cognetti – The Eight Mountains Audiobook

Paolo Cognetti - The Eight Mountains Audio Book Free

The Eight Mountains Audiobook Download


While I was in the area where the story is set, I found it to be well-written and captured the importance of people’s lives. The only problem was the ending. Do you think the author is thinking of a follow up? Possibly? The This story is set in the beautiful hills of the Italian Alps around Monte Rosa massif. It has been praised and received a lot more than just praise.The English Pen Honor, Italy’s Premio Strega and also the French Prix M├ędicis ├ętranger).

The Eight Mountains Audiobook Free. It’s a stroll through Bruno and Pietro’s lives, which are shared in the mountains for many decades. They often come back together after their lives diverge. Bruno is linked to the stony heights. His life is built in alpine reality. Pietro arrives from Milan to experience the summer season with his mom. They will spend weeks exploring the pastures, as well the agrarian aspects of the heights.

The Hills have their own rhythm. In a matter of seconds, the difficult and sometimes biddable terrain can become a volte face that can cause havoc on human flesh and blood. This is the ever-present risk of the mountains that the author so beautifully captures. Without hesitation, one wrong step can take your life.

Bruno and Pietro (or Berio, as Bruno prefers to refer to him) have been friends for 30 years. This spans from the beginning of the 21st Century at the end to the very beginning of the 22nd Century. Pietro returns, and he begins a film-making career in Nepal. He discovers the eight mountains that bear his name. Bruno is the constant, just like the tops that change over human lives. Both young men are caught in the hill landscape. Pietro has intellectual and emotional links, but his frailty often rebels against him with altitude sickness. Bruno however has the strength and determination to withstand all the challenges of hill life.

Pietro was still a child when Bruno was a boy. His parents took him into their home and created a strong bond. Pietro is now ambivalent. He loves Bruno’s distance, but is jealous of his father’s bond with his friend. This bond is based on their love for the heights. It is possible that Pietro will produce a small alpeggio later in life to honor his papa’s memory, but with the assistance of Bruno.

Pietro is a recurring character over the years. He understands that whatever has changed, however, what is the same is different for people. Since I was in senior high school, I can’t believe how much I enjoyed this book.

This is the story about two boyhood best friends who spend their summers together in the Italian Alps. But beneath the surface, the story is about regrets, missed opportunities and connections as well as loss.

Pietro, a young boy from Milan who grows up in big cities, doesn’t have the same passion for mountaineering as his father. But, Bruno, his best friend does. Bruno is Pietro’s surrogate son, and he entrusts him to spread his method across the globe. Paolo Cognetti – The Eight Mountains Audio Book Download. A lower author might have written the story in a way that would have led to envy, spite and sentimentality. Pietro and Bruno are two boys who made mistakes but tried to find their way in a changing world.

This would be a great recommendation. book For anyone who loves the mountains or has ever loved anyone who isn’t complete– father, mother, friend, or both. Pietro can’t understand his papa’s obsession with climbing the highest mountains. He forms a friendship with Bruno (a youngster from the village) while he is still in the shadows of his father.

Pietro’s foundation is maintained by the hills and his friendship with Bruno. He has many changes in his life, but the hills and Bruno are there for him, undaunted.