Vasily Mahanenko – The Kartoss Gambit The Way of the Shaman Audiobook

Vasily Mahanenko – The Kartoss Gambit The Way of the Shaman Audiobook (Book 2)

Vasily Mahanenko - The Kartoss Gambit (The Way of the Shaman Audio Book Free

The Kartoss Gambit The Way of the Shaman Audiobook Online


This is the follow-up to “Survival Pursuit” (The Way of the Shaman: Book # 1,” Our major character continues his journey as a prisoner in the Virtual world of Barliona. He managed to get out of the Mines in document time, and also parole in the main game world. The Kartoss Gambit The Way of the Shaman Audiobook Free. He is sent by his father to a tiny village. the edge of the Kingdom, a convict who can’t invest more than two days away from it. You can also find the The nearest town is 48 hours by cart

This publication is a real gem. The Gaming aspects for PC of Barlionas are still found in this area. book. Indeed, the Side MMO of With points, you gain more depth the Introduction of Clans are a great way to make friends with other gamers. the global. He is still a low.-Level gamer but with creativity he manages to get the Interest of Some lobbyists are in the Videogame (not that it is necessarily a bad thing!) It’s quite natural. the Barliona may be affected by MC at certain significant times.

His trip was also a memorable one. Shaman enters better focus. The Potential of the Course appears more appealing when he can practice his course skills. Accessibility is key. the online Forums can be used in place of a wiki. the MC’s personal trip as a Witch Doctor also ends up being more evident. Will he build his very own course, or look for suggestions & shortcuts from the online forums?

A wonderful conclusion. book. If you liked MahanenkoThis set contains the first published by Survival Mission, and is even more amazing! If you enjoy LitRPG, this set also goes. the top of My listing up to now. 5 stars! Our Terrific God Vasily It has been engraved with honesty the The best LitRPG publication that I have ever seen in a collection. The Amazing how different pursuits connect in unexpected ways was incredible! Mahan, our Medicine Man Mahan is a remarkable personality who has yet to discover himself but isn’t OP. I love him! the middle of enormous events. These events are a few of the many. the It was my realization that I was already over 90% into guide, and I was still sweating. the Intensity presented by the Writings by a great God. When I review the First publication of This collection includes kindle unlimited, serval and other first publications free That’s what I believed. the book That would be me, and I’d certainly put. the Rest of the A wish list of series the Future, but I was sorely mistaken it’s impressive as well as something I did not think twice about. the I am working on my second publication. the 3rd devord both books In less than 36 hours This is the style God loves of LitRPG. LitRPG. of One big blurb of It is a waste of time and energy to write uninspiring material, with no ideas or leads up. It was like 20 subplots that were only partially completed. “And then I woke up, and it was all a dream After book 1 in which the The MC is a wise man, and it shows. of This publication is being moved.forward the poor device of the MC is too silly to recognize clues. It was a pleasure to publish the first book, even though it came with few triumphs. of A MC with great information. He gets a single degree. In his second publication, he receives 46 degrees in one paragraph. It’s almost as if author forgot what made his first publications writing so great.

I will give the 3rd book A shot is based on only the first bookIf it is, you can ask for more of the Same as 2nd book of Driving underpowered, stupidity and MC mistakes the story, a lot of I don’t think I can finish subplots that are not resolved or unresolved. the series. The First part was about the Everyday grind of A MMO made interesting with the Character’s interactions with the setting up and also him trying grasps with the scenario. The Sets of 2nd parts the On the loosening of the protagonist the End him right there, planet the middle of Something big. The BBEG was introduced however the Partly, dispute is personal (just how do you get xp and also). the Correct abilities can be intermixed and combined with what to the The role of protagonist in video games seems to be a major one. I am left wondering what the real story is and if it’s a fictitious video game character. the developers still regulate the video game completely or that some artificial intelligence has run widespread. This could be D. Rus’ influence however… Vasily Mahanenko – The Kartoss Gambit The Way of the Shaman Audio Book Online. Also, I hope it is a minimum of It will remain a videogame, with a hacker or hostile takeover by a group of competitors/developers and also not the Creation of Branding-New measurement, I’m not a huge fan. of the This is what you do. It eliminates the LitRPG game

Personally, I love the Mix of Video gaming features as well as stories. The Writing design is a good thing, even though it sometimes feels a little too formal. of the top.