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Astounding Stories 14, February 1931 Audiobook





The panel on the wall to the left of the entrance had been quietly opened and a light beam of fiery orange poured from the opening. The three bodies were complete, and the light beam spread out to fill the room. Although Dr. Bird had drawn two of his closest men out from the beam’s straight light beam, the secret service men were more than happy to stand in its path. Astounding Stories 14, February 1931 Audiobook Free. Free. He looked at them with a look of terror and tried to move to the other side. However, he was still powerless. Gradually he became stiffer and as the ray bore with his body, the boring red glow emanating from the three bodies that they had located began radiating from him. Bolton tried to escape the grasp of the doctor and also rushed to his rescue, but Dr. Bird held him in a grip of iron.
They actually had in mind to come to us all right,” said Dr. Bolton. “They had a surprise waiting for us every time we leapt. The evil one’s ray would have us killed if you entered the front door. And if you went into the back door, it was ready to explode. Stanesky should be confident that he has not escaped with all of us, and that he doesn’t expect an attack at his next base the following morning. I fear we could give him a very unpleasant shock if he does not. Yes, the light has been smashed into atoms as well as buried beneath the debris. However, I do not understand the other adversaries’ contraptions. Bolton, get your men to pick it up and make sure that no one is allowed near until I return. I’ve actually had to reach a telephone and also get a few containers from Meade as well as an airplane from Langley Field.
A thick sheet of vitrilene protected the front of each storage container. Meanwhile, the turrets at the containers predicted the unremarkable muzzles from thirty-seven millimeter weapons. Overhead 2 aircrafts flew from Langley Field, searching the country. Carnes and Dr. Bird were both present at the top storage tank.
A concrete platform erupted from the marsh four hundred yards ahead and grew slowly into the air. The dome was made of what looked like plate glass but was in fact vitrilene. The platform’s base was about two feet above the water level, and the dome moved silently apart, revealing 2 males bent over a small weapon. Dr. Bird adjusted his binoculars.
Each one released a small, black cigar-shaped object that fell in a long parabola towards the planet. The glass dome that had been closing over the gun system quickly rolled back and a long beam ominous blackness penetrated the paradises. Both the first and the second dropping bombs disappeared from the view, and the black column vanished. The dome was closed over the system before the bombs fell at a high rate of speed. Both bombs struck the dome almost simultaneously. However, instead of the blinding collision that they anticipated, viewers saw the bombs bounce off the dome and fall harmlessly into the water.
The sound of an airplane engine was heard. There were a hundred yards in the air as two machine guns sprayed bullets onto the platform. Two guys abandoned their machine-guns and crouched beneath the partially folded back dome as Dr. Bird took advantage of the lull to advance his event a few yards closer. The platform protectors ran to grab their guns, but the first airplane had transformed and dived down with both guns running, so they were forced to shelter while the Doctor made another advancement.
The helicopter was in position and it began to attack. However, another puff of smoke came from the helicopter’s side and there was a loud roar and blinding flash overhead. The smoke cleared away and there was no trace of the doomed aircraft. As though daring to attack, the helicopter floated motionlessly in the air.
He sat still, enjoying the small beads of ice that he inhaled from the ends of his hair. He had not realized how tired he was up until that point. His deprived, injured body was aching unbearably. There was no need for him to be so poor in the soft snow. He could take a break and then return to the ice hummock where the plane was sheltered. Rest! This is what he needed, a great long rest.
Bitterly, he cursed the demons of ill-fortune which had caused the blinding snowstorm to bring down the aircraft ten days prior at the very beginning its triumphant return trip from Cape Richards. The tornado gods had unleashed their fury on the poor explorers. Cyclonic winds proved to be a constant threat to take-offs, making them seem self-destructive. Three days [230] He mused that hunger was a companion for misery and had given up on their last food long ago.

Slip, slide, and also fall! He continued to fight until the last obstacle was overcome. Then he stared hopelessly into the tiny natural amphitheater that protected his excellent monoplane. The ship was still there with its engine in a canvas shadow, and the soft, dry snow banked high in the sun of its silver grey body. Nelson was numb, almost like a man trapped in an uncomfortable coma. He shielded his face using a fuzzy hand to scan around the bordering surfaces. “Heck!” “Heck!”
In the snow, there were many tracks, large and small, that were not easily seen. There were deep furrows in the snow that confirmed Alden’s enemies had been fighting for a considerable area. Alden’s left glove was found by him, along with a strange, thick dustcloth that appeared to have a metallic coating. He was shaking with fear. Astounding Stories 14, February 1931 Audio Book Online. His greatest concern was the many sprinkles of blood, which occasionally saw the snow in gruesome alleviation.
One thing that was clear in his tired thoughts was Richard Alden. He was his friend and had traveled half the world with him. If he were to encounter dangerous circumstances, it would be on risk. This he could only guess at.
He was greeted by a single, powerful light beam that played like a searchlight. It lit a tunnel high in the sky of lava rocks, which had been distorted by a long-gone earth convulsion, resulting in a dozen odd faults and bosoms. In that instant, he saw probably 100 feet below the surface of a passage covered with high-rise roofs. This passage had a remarkable view. stream A billowing, wriggling torrent of steam.