Dr. Juli Slattery – Rethinking Sexuality Audiobook

Dr. Juli Slattery – Rethinking Sexuality Audiobook

Dr. Juli Slattery - Rethinking Sexuality Audio Book Free

Rethinking Sexuality Audiobook Online


I love the way Juli This delicate topic is the subject of both talks and art. Her compassion and heart for the brokenness of sexual relationships in all of us is evident through the pages of this book. book. Each sentence will be highlighted and remembered. It doesn’t matter what worldview you might have, there is no doubt that sexuality has been badly misunderstood as well as misused. Let’s do something different, and let’s also modify. This book is essential for the church. The author addresses people who feel so broken that they can never be whole again, and those who believe they are so complete they will never be broken. Everybody carries some baggage or damages that affect how they relate to sexuality. In some cases, the damage can only be caused by a culture that has altered our perception of what it means to be sexual. The core of our desire to be intimately with another person is the primitive need for that. This publication is the best thing to do in the church. There are many people who are struggling and require healing in their homes, neighborhoods, and churches. It is essential to create a safe space for recovery. The church can provide that sanctuary without any objection. Rethinking Sexuality Audiobook Free. Dr Juli This clearly demonstrates how Jesus came to redeem sex-Related brokenness I was a Christian Marital and Family specialist and particularly valued phase 4. Also, the connection between agreement and marriage. “Sexual desire draws us to agreement” This is exactly what uncovering God’s plan for our sexuality in marriage accomplishes: covenantal love, and not a legal arrangement. This is an excellent resource, which I will definitely recommend to my clients. Its web pages are filled with amazing knowledge and understanding. There are many web page flags included in this publication (see photo). Two more copies were just purchased for my pastors. We need more sermons on this topic! Many thanks Dr Juli You handled this difficult subject with grace. You showed us all hope and redemption through your tenderness.-Dr. Slattery’s writing rises above easy, cliché answers to hot-Button sex-These issues are also highlighted, as well as the unchanging fact that God is a lover of sexuality. Since the beginning, the Christian church has not been able to respond to the many sexual issues that we all experience. Amazing clarity, seamlessly blending grace and reality, the author highlights WHO God is and WHO WE ARE as human beings with solid biblical support.

Take this quote as an example: “Sexual issues begin with concerns about how we view God, sin, humanity, and the authority given by the bible. Our differences on gay marriage, homosexual cohabitation, pornography and separation are not what divides us. These are only the external problems that have affected our true thoughts concerning God and His Word.– Page 182

Do not ignore this valuable source! To challenge my sex, I was actually tested.-related stability, humility and compassion with whom I observe others, as also the manner in which I include them in sensitive, considerate conversations. Thank you authenticintimacy.org for this bold, insightful book!Rethinking Sexuality It is an intriguing, valuable, and necessary source to gain a deeper understanding of God’s design for sexuality. We live in a world that defines sex. Give us many pictures of fake forms (through porn) and lead us to a “me”.-Based on an understanding of it, Reassessing Sexuality This is a gentle, but extensive topic of all God has planned for sex and sexuality since the beginning of time.

This was a great resource. book …about God’s love and the need to make a fundamental change in our understanding of sexuality (having been educated mostly by the world but also rarely by the Church), about how the opponent intends to harm sexuality (it is so powerful that the opponent targets) and much more. Don’t try to give away everything!

This gem is worth studying and should be enjoyed slowly. Dr. SlatteryHis training voice is reminiscent of that of a friend who relies on her for help. She is a gentle guide. All that you have ever considered sexuality, as well as sex, let the Holy Spirit assist you. Dr. Juli Slattery – Rethinking Sexuality Audio Book Online. Discover how to share the knowledge of sexuality with others and allow God to use this publication. All sexually-blocked people are capable of finding meaning and purpose in the present sexuality.-You can find hope and recovery whether you are a sex client, a victim, or someone who has actually lost their way.

These truths should reach far beyond our lives to help the Christian Church shine a light on the darkness of sexuality. Take into account the companion research for groups! Juli Slattery This is a gift and a heart that God has given me to help teach my sexuality. Together, my husband and I read the book. Rethinking Sexuality We value the idea of provoking questions that we can ask one another at the end each chapter. It doesn’t matter how Christian or pure your faith, sexuality has been distorted for us all by sin and the culture. Juli She points it all back at God’s Word so well. She describes God’s sexuality style in the most non-threatening way.-It is not shaming. The ministry Genuine Affection is God’s way of making our hearts open to those who are sexually abused and to allow us to share our brokenness with God without shame. I am delighted for those who are calling out for sexuality and healing.-My church uses Reconsidering to lead a Scriptures Study. Sexuality. It opened up the topic of sexuality and what Scripture has to say about it. It’s a study which teaches our minds and hearts about what God meant by sexuality. He brought a holy wholeness in marital relationships and holy singleness to satisfy our needs and drives us to Him alone for our deepest intimacy.