L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audiobook

L.J. Shen - Midnight Blue Audio Book Free

Midnight Blue Audiobook Online


“Once upon time, a simple mortal fell in love with a rock God.”-This is a real story, and you may understand that Gods and Mortals don’t mix.”

This is Alex Winslow’s story – the biggest rock God on Earth!
He is an addict who has just come out of rehab.-Indulgent, self-absorbed, and ready for a world trip. Jenna, Alex’s representative, was aware of Alex’s unstable nature and his delicate soberness. Jenna wanted to find him a friend (aka “sobriety”) who could help him get back on track. Indigo Bellamy Indiie also known by “Stardust”, Indiie is Alex’s NINTH “nanny” after he chased the other 8 for DAYS! He assumed she would be the same.

“I can’t stress this enough, but i’ll do my best.”-Your little bit mind games will not function- I am maintaining this job. Use me.

Midnight Blue Audiobook Free. God, I love spirited take-no-nonsense women !!!! Indie is a loaner. She enjoys spending time in her own space sewing her garments, when she’s not occupied with her infant nephew who remains in constant need of ear tubes surgery. Her parents died, so her bro became her family. Then her boyfriend married her, and she had a child. However, Indie was left without her brother Craig. Craig drank too much and was unable to do any work. It was causing a lot of expenses and Indie was unable to care for her baby nephew. This job, with the income, would be able to help her. Her nephew’s surgery and the costs of her family members and other urgent needs were her primary concerns.
Over 1/4 million dollars, 3 months, and 1 person soaked up bastard

“You’re such an idiot, calling you a Bastard is an insult for every other bastard on the planet. We need a new name for who you are.

That’s the problem with “hate”, it is so raw and has such passion behind it. It’s not often that we can see or feel it happening. However, at times, “hate” could become something “various”.

Alex, while on tour, is supposed to record a new album. However, Fallon, Alex’s ex-love, cheats on him with his best friend.!- GAH!) He was so exhausted from the downward spiral, which had him drinking enough coke to make a 5-star wedding cake, that he couldn’t even compose a word until he found his muse in Indie.

3 months- The ONLY woman on the trip and not just ANY woman, Alex is still in love with Fallon. Indie also vouched that she would never have children with him. Alex is still in love with Fallon and also swears to obtain her back … but until after that …” You ought to live, and make blunders, as well as i’m providing to be one of those blunders, because you have nothing to shed, we have an expiry day, we have a deadline, we have unlimited 5 ☆ resort spaces as well as an album to write as well as your family to conserve, and also simply ******* confess – all arrowheads factor parallel – United States. TOGETHER. FOR. NOW.”.

Alex Winslow was beautiful in a way that storms are – from far. He had the ability to both move and destroy you, just like them. Two things I was too busy trying to endure.

“When i look at you, i see something broken and not worth fixing. You can also look at me as if i’m a cheap way to replace the expensive one you have stolen. As you can see, we are all vases. You can be picked up by someone else.-Lived adhesive

You can build walls with enough determination and interest. But, the important thing about walls is that they can be boiled down.

“When i eventually lay my hands on your, and also make indisputable Stardust, i will – you will weep all right. My name. Over. And. Over. Continue reading.

” if you desire me to believe you regarding not desiring me to **** you raw, you ought to most likely stop considering me like that. As if you were mine.

“You stare at me with dynamite, expecting me to strike the suit as quickly as possible.” It took me quite a while to become Alex, I’m not going to lie. Although he started as a common, egotistical rockstar, as the story progressed, his layers began to unravel and reveal his deep heart and sweet taste.

Indigo is my spirit dog. Her selflessness was inspirational and she is someone you can trust. It was sometimes heartbreaking to see her struggle to make sure her family had a better life.

It was obvious that Indie and Alex had chemistry. You can’t help but be amazed at the amazing things they did. L.J. Shen – Midnight Blue Audio Book Online. Their amusing banter was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing. I was blown away by their pasts.

This book It was more than a sexy romance.

L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook ( Sinners of Saint)

Vicious (Sinners of Saint) by [Shen, L.J.]

L.J. Shen -Vicious Audiobook



Well. I’m rather lately mosting likely to end up as well as state this. I’m an opening. This is the key book I have actually read by L.J.Shen Genuinely. What. The. Heck?! All points thought about, currently I’m entirely arrested. No backpedaling currently. I’m ADDICTED to her written job.

This book was every little thing. I vow I am falling short to overcome this tale! In addition. This book ruined me. It really did. All the same, in one of the most excellent method. It was warm, appealing, regrettable as well as obliterating. It in addition made me chuckle, moan as well as rage. Horrible as well as Emilia’s charming story in addition obtained me excellent in each of the really feels. Every one of them. Sometimes I really did not recognize whether I required to massage all up on my gas or yell at it. What else might you have the ability to require from a book? Absolutely nothing. Not a darn point. I never ever required this book to finish. I’m missing out on Vic as well as Em so hard. I believe I actually need healing for thisbook Send me currently. L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook Free.

Dreadful is an a- void. However, lord have grace on me. He’s charming, indicate, delicious as well as enjoyable. What’s even more, Jesus Christ I could not rely on a section of the important things that left his mouth. It merely made me require to consume him dramatically a lot more. God. I dropped hard for he or she. I in addition venerated Emilia! What a suitable, kind, distinctive as well as remarkable spirit. The scientific research in between these 2 was off the divider panel! Off. The. Divider panel. What’s even more, when they finally obtained it on it appeared like an a-bomb went off. I loved it!

This tale captivated me from web page one entirely right to the surface. I do not believe I have actually ever before included a book to such a degree. L.J. Shen – Vicious Audiobook Online. It is among “those”books One I recognize I will certainly review repeatedly. It’s one-of-a-kind. It’s crude. It’s appealing. It’s sensational. It’s satisfying. What’s even more, I simply could not obtain sufficient ofVicious It is among my finest peruses of 2016. What a strategy to finish the year!

I have actually feared to obtain my hands on VICIOUS as much back as I review Defy (the Sinners of Saint innovator), as well as thoughtful my gosh this book was so warranted no matter the hold up as well as is greater than I might have ever before anticipated !! Dreadful is my brand-new # 1 most liked a$$ opening book beloved, he does not maintain anything down making you recoil as well as transforming you on done in the meanwhile as well as you never ever require him to quit! Emilia is unique, strong, as well as you value her opportunity from the start. Adversaries to Fans … hell much better think it, can not obtain sufficient of the detest/desire/love talk as well as partnership, it’s off the charts warm!

Dreadful as well as his collecting the 4 HotHoles are a section of one of the most sultry, hardest, crudest individuals that take what they require when they require it, everyone requires to be them, each girl requires to have them nevertheless no one requires to be their opponent!! Additionally, when you reach the core of this tale, to the core of Vicious your heart is mosting likely to damage as well as you’re mosting likely to be proper alongside Emilia favoring him to be the awful male he must be so regarding load his heart with the love he so qualities!

I simply hardly finished check out this book at the start these days as well as I’m currently wishing for a better quantity of these HotHoles as well as there tales, loved each Vicious item of this book! An additional finest most liked of the year!

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook

Tyed by [Shen, L.J.]

L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook



I have actually remained in a repulsive book droop of late. I have had such high count on the books I have actually gotten as well as afterwards I am really distressed!! Hence, I do not recognize whether I appreciated this book because I ran in with no needs or on the occasion that it was fairly lately that great … after contemplating it over for time, I believe credit report is as a result of the author for making up a book that transported me out of my droop! L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Free.

The advertisement place was a respectable brief layout of what the book had in shop, so I will not restate below exceedingly, nevertheless I can mention, I really did not see the “secret” that Ty had coming. Appreciation to the developer. Such a selection of books at the here and now time have a significant secret or massive reveal that I normally figure yet I really did not see this set coming. What’s even more, this set was definitely trustworthy as well as not twisted like such a selection of substantial uncovers. For a couple of individuals, it may be a significant problem, as well as I such as the manner in which the author had a secret that absolutely made the daring female, as well as by doing this the peruser, take into consideration options people make, exactly how we cope with those options, as well as exactly how we find out exactly how to excuse. Additionally, most importantly, when we require to find that absolution might not be something that is our very own to provide if a male’s bad moves were made well prior to they also satisfied us. What is called for then is recommendation of that the person is currently, as well as gratitude for exactly how that person has actually created. Remarkable line of work to the developer for including this interesting part. L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Free Online. I am being unknown undoubtedly so I do not wreck the story!

I favored Ty’s personality. He is fairly uncomplicated. He really did not have the very best residence life maturing, as well as is currently a mixed martial arts challenger because fighting is things that he is excellent at. He has some fierceness concerns, yet he is really honored for his identification. What’s even more, the inescapable problem is no matter whether Blaire can take care of his identification. I believe the book is much more regarding Blaire, so we see substantially even more of her personality as well as obtain substantially even more of her growth, as well as the author makes a respectable revealing when it come to of laying whatever out for us.

I would certainly have gotten a bang out of the possibility to see Ty be rather much more self- reproachful for maintaining his secret, or have them spend rather much more power chatting it with, specifically because he provided Blaire difficulty for maintaining a secret prior in the book regarding her BFF Shane appealing her( which is absolutely nothing contrasted with his secret). L.J. Shen – Tyed Audiobook Download. Simply seemed contrasting. It would certainly similarly have actually been good for Blaire to take into consideration Shane much more accountable of his insusceptibility in her connection as well as potentially obtain her sis out for beginning so self consisted of. It would certainly have completed the picture much more regarding her personality growth. It similarly would certainly have been enjoyable if there was an epilog. These concerns really did not diminish valuing what we were offered, nevertheless for me it absolutely makes the comparison at 4 as well as 5 celebrities (as well as I never ever provide 5 celebrities !!).

Typically talking, this was an unbelievable, captivating browsed. Blaire was a touch of bothersome every now and then with her stubborn top quality as well as judgments, nevertheless she was an authentic personality that you can understand. These personalities were not various other- usual beautiful or moguls or any one of that. Blaire is a large amount like countless twenty- year- olds that maybe grow rather late as well as have no idea what the heck they require to do with their lives. These personalities were real as well as reasonable. Blaire is intriguing, as well as I obtained myself absolutely barking with giggling at several of her internal as well as outside understandings. She can quite easily match my celebration of buddies. I believe any person will absolutely value this book!

L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event Audiobook

L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event Audiobook

L.J. Shen - In the Unlikely Event Audio Book Free

In the Unlikely Event Audiobook On-line


Since at present … nothing will definitely coincide, in addition to one level – this writer owned an extra piece of my coronary heart.

Provided that at present a lot of issues could have new and far more psychological definition … each snow will heat my coronary heart … explicit pet will make me snigger … some desserts won’t ever ever be the identical …

THE.BEST.DAY.EVER …? It is THAT day once I found Mrs.Shen and in addition Her Books.

In The Unlikely Event is spectacular story. In the Unlikely Event Audiobook Free. It is little varied from this author’s varied different books, but it merely make the entire story additional uniqe. The chatacters, the plot … and in addition the entire story line … Oh wow !!! My coronary heart was meling from one paige to a different one. Mal and Rory … ohhh and in addition ahhhh I am so in love with them- give me some serviette, I am able to signal “The Settlement”.

L.J. Shen hasn’t simply composed the book – in ITUE she produced an extra MASTERPIECE with funding M. The phrases lead me through excellent expertise the place love, hate, relationship, household … and in addition varied different not an excessive amount of constructive factors have been happen. Some minutes break my coronary heart, nevertheless varied different ones healed me in the identical 2nd … Mr Mal Charming in addition to Princess Aurora have been the best remedy – when You may learn this publication, You’ll definitely determine.

I intend to tell You numerous relating to Mal and Rory, but , I can’t. They have been superb collectively, in addition to wonderfull seperate. They made me sob exhausting, simply to made me grin couple of secs later. Their good associates, members of the family … I need to find yourself being Irish in New York, Or New Yorker in the Irish Land.

Possibly I have to say “Bye-bye” to Rory and Mal … however I am so not all set for this – I feel that I’ll simply reread this book one other time – TODAY!

In addition to Ekhem … I am stating this yet one more MILIONTH time – Mrs. SHEN IS spectacular author … and in addition ITUE confirmed, that it’s going to not rework for a very long time. Divine Cow!!! This story took me completely unexpectedly in addition to completely shook my globe.

When the timing was lastly proper, no matter fell into place. The journey was wrought with exams and in addition heartache. Each emotion was provided the floor. Typically Gladly Ever After’s will be disagreeable.

One night invested with one another whereas taking a visit to find her previous. Their lives completely remodeled. Girl meets little one in addition to completely nothing will definitely ever earlier than be the identical.

Timing is all the things. In addition to their time was not after that.

They licensed a contract. In The Unlikely Event that they have been ever earlier than to reunite, they would definitely understand it was their time.

Years later in addition to Mal discovers Rory. Besides issues aren’t the exact same. Life occurred all through that 8 12 months lack. A lot has truly altered. The query is whether or not they can let go of the previous and welcome a future.

Mal and in addition Rory had chemistry in spades. Nonetheless, Mal had so many keys. This story was not consistently easy to learn. Agony diploma MAX! L.J. Shen – In the Unlikely Event Audio Book Online. I wanted to take some breaks. At instances I cherished Mal and different’s I disliked him. In the future, they each discovered their means. Completely nothing is ever earlier than ultimate. But the love they’d for one another comes quite darn shut. I devoured this publication inside a problem of hrs. Whereas it isn’t what LJ Shen typically writes, she completely killed this publication. The story of Rory in addition to Mal had my coronary heart breaking and in addition glad dancing, all at the identical time! I really appreciated all of the varied sight factors (sure, even the cow and the paper serviette) as I actually felt these contributed to a very full and in addition effectively rounded story that responded to all of the considerations I had all through. I can not state enough about the book besides that it’s positively a one-click on and in addition MUST READ OF 2019. Thanks for a legendary romance!! Exists, fraud, threatening for love, safety, self-sacrifice is the wild journey of the recreation in between Aurora in addition to Malachy. The star went throughout fans glad in a twenty-4-hour speedy relationship. One destined to bind them and in addition destined to destroy all they perceive. A contract written on a paper serviette ties their future with one another. However is the future one they’ll deal with?

L.J. Shen produces an unconventional thriller of the fan’s triangle in her newest work. Nonetheless, this fan’s triangle digs deep into the id and tremendous-ego with the ego tamping down the two as they quarrel over the circumstances of their state of affairs. Shen creates an online of human interplay that disrupts destiny achieved in the title of safeguarding the ones you want the majority of. She successfully destroys the hero and in addition heroine in addition to unravels the soiled particulars of a earlier a lot better left hid, a gift constructed upon lies, in addition to a future set in the celebrities. Shen gambles on this cope with a stylistic choice of speaking from the grave, making use of personification in a definite manner, and providing a sure context the place reworking POV from animate to inanimate which provides a splendor over the entire work.  My hats off to Shen for absorbing the Unlikely Event to in all probability to happen in a paradoxical job that highlights destiny can’t be ignored, so it is ultimate to cease combating it!

The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook

L.J. Shen – The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook

The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance by [L.J. Shen] Audio Book Online

L.J. Shen – The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook


I found myself pleasantly captivated by Emmabelle and in addition Devon. The remaining book within the fantastic Boston bells assortment, The Rake brings us the story of untamed teen dedication phobe Emmabelle and British royal/playboy authorized consultant Devon.
Emmabelle will get some dreadful info concerning her fertility and in addition decides to not miss out on the prospect to finish up being a mother no matter her abhorance for partnerships and in addition males. The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook Free. She and in addition Devon’s paths cross in a bar the place he hears her story and in addition develops an choice to be her child’s father. Having his very personal inspirations they work together a method and go after changing into dad and mom with no partnership. Though each hate sensations completely causes, they can’t be denied and Emmabelle’s security and safety is in peril. This publication did really feel numerous from the others as a consequence of the truth that it has some probably strong triggers for guests in addition to these characters usually are not all healthful … although rightfully so. Shen understands the best way to suck guests into her tales and in addition whereas I assumed this set might have been my the very least favourite previous to stepping into she promptly proved me incorrect.
I used to be so spent I completed information in a few hours regardless of it being launched at twelve o’clock at evening. These characters are a couple of of the quirkiest within the assortment in unexpected methods. This would not be an lj shen publication with out angst in addition to she supplied on that account which is one thing that continually attracts me to her writing. There’s likewise steamy scenes mixed with genuinely nice minutes that neither persona would definitely have can at first of information. Studying this whereas expectant was positively a wild trip in numerous means however made me get in contact with Emmmabelle in numerous means. I loved this book in addition to whereas I am unhappy to see this assortment finish, I am so thrilled for a brand new one to start out.
I’ve anticipated this book for a very long time. The Villain is only one of my favourite publications. Persy is my all time favourite feminine persona, so my expectations have been relatively excessive.

Emmabelle had a number of damage to unload. Her earlier really abused her so she was exceptionally guarded with males. Life dealt her a further strike with a medical situation that wanted her to consider having kids faster than in a while, time was not on her aspect. That is the place Devon enters into play.

The title The Rake was no understatement. He definitely was. In the identical token, seems he moreover desires children and in addition the whole family vibrant his friends are continually talking about. So when Belle drunkenly shares her dilemma with him, he volunteers his “options”. They develop fairly swiftly.

Emmabelle stays to push Devon away and in addition he ultimately takes the tip. He begins “courting” as soon as extra even supposing she is pregnant along with his little one, and they’re attending common OBGYN verify outs collectively. She, clearly, just isn’t “courting” different people. His shenanigans do not final that lengthy, nevertheless sufficient time for me to start disliking this coupling.

On high of that, Devon’s earlier rears it is ugly head. The demise of his dad brings into play the organized conjugal relationship to Louise. So at the moment he is entertaining the conjugal relationship to Louise – since as soon as extra, Belle declares she doesn’t need him and motivates the conjugal relationship. She does indubitably need him however is not going to converse out regarding it.

In addition to in truth, this entire factor the place Belle would not battle for what she needs is what will get me. Persy took on Cillian. Fought of what she desired in addition to she’s intend to be the meek one. Emmabelle Penrose is the strong one.
Let me start by claiming, I am a big L.J.Shen fan and was so anticipating this publication. Usually I really like her personalities, they’re nicely attracted in addition to sandy nevertheless you’ll be able to’t help falling in love with all their quirky darkish and in addition gentle features. I did that right here. I couldn’t help caring Devon in his strict rebel and in addition Emmabelle in her broken energy.

They have been an outstanding couple with chemistry that stimulated. The saving between them was a pleasure.
What I struggled with on this book was the outright absence of any form of genuine British checks. I anticipated extra from a author of L. J. Shen’s stature and fine quality. What befell?! Dumb waiters weren’t developed within the seventeenth century!  The Rake: A Dark Royal Romance Audiobook by L.J. Shen (Obtain). They have been definitely not hermetic to have the ability to preserve water to drown somebody. Neither are they coffin formed. Analysis anyone?! The British aristocracy wouldn’t use the americanisms of junior and senior for given names as they don’t duplicate supplied names as Individuals can sometimes do down generations.
At in regards to the 60% mark I began to actually admire the book. I’ve really learn largely all of LJ Shens publications so I perceive what to anticipate along with her storylines. I merely desired higher for Belle.