Lisa Renee Jones – Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audiobook

Lisa Renee Jones – Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audiobook

Lisa Renee Jones - Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audio Book Free

Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audiobook Download


Lisa Renee Jones Never stops trying to amaze me. Her stories and personalities are so strong and vibrant that you feel compelled to keep an eye out for clues. Her level of creativity and excellence is unmatched.

Cinderella Actually, she meets her Prince Charming. Both are shocked by the experience, however Lori Havens rejects Cole Brooks’ better. Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audiobook Free. But fate has more to offer when they meet at the same bar. Lori agrees to an assessment, as well as assumptions and assessments about Lori.-Night stand because she knows she will never see him again.

Lori was able to finally return to regulation school, finish her degree and deal with her financial obligations after winning a prestigious scholarship. It was a dream to be able help Reese Summer, as well as his partner. She is thrown for a loop by Cole, her new partner and the man she left. This begins a personal and special roller coaster of emotional highs as well as lows. It is rewarding for him to count on her capabilities, as well as the benefits she receives from him every day. Her involvement in many high-profile cases is a key point to winning.

Although they both want and need one another, their willingness to go all-in is terrifyingly sincere. He does not have to meet her demands to be able to work with her and her. He will make her life easier and pave the way for her. She should recognize that he is offering help, not a handout. He is the one who can remove all barriers between them. He has her as much as she has him. You can read my reviews of LisaYou know Sean from the work of Dirty The money series is at the top on my heroes’ list. With Dirty Rich Cinderella StoryCole Brooks nearly knocked Sean off the stand, but not quite. He is everything I want in an alpha male: beautiful, powerful, figured, smart, enchanting as well as abundant. But he is also thoughtful, generous and full of stability. He is confident but not egotistical or egocentric. He can be a little possessive and clashed, which adds to his personality. He’s the whole hot hero package. I wanted more from him.

Lori, the heroine is deeply troubled by personal traumas as well as frustrations. She therefore gets in her own way throughout the story. She is quick to analyze and jumps to her final thoughts – many of which are flawed. Lisa Renee Jones – Dirty Rich Cinderella Story Audio Book Download. Cole is what she wants, but she cannot seem to dedicate for at least 80%. It’s often frustrating, but crucial to the plot. Lori is intelligent, determined, and established. However, she can also be overly driven.-Persistent and reactive. Lori sees only black and White, not grey. Her life experience and dissatisfactions influence her choices. She also resists Cole midway. This is her biggest problem as she battles with Cole, her Prince Charming. Cinderella story.

Cole and Lori work well together, both professionally and personally. Their love for one another is so infectious that it makes the internet exploding even before the attractive times begin. They are intense and also enthusiastic. They are intellectual and sexual.-Related equates To, and Their Push-The bed room is where the pull power dynamic takes place, but it can also be shared almost anywhere else.

This tale was a delight to read and I was happy to see Walker Safety and security favorites in it. Rick, Pet Cat Adam and Reece bring an element of fun to the story. They are familiar with the characters, yet also provide a lot of comfort.

For me, the only thing that was missing in this delightfully sexy tale is the aspect of menace and also suspense. Lisa’s stories. I waited for something to go horribly wrong, something that would definitely examine their relationship in a significant way. I won’t lie, I wasn’t disappointed. However, I am an adrenaline junkie and like a charming thriller angle which builds to a dramatic verdict. (See my previous comments about Sean and also The). Dirty Money collection).

As I give it more belief, I may add to this testimonial, but for now, trust me. Buy it or borrow it and review it. This fairy tale is a must-have for all romantics.