Michelle Frances – Girlfriend Audiobook

Michelle Frances – Girlfriend Audio Book (free)

The Girlfriend: The Gripping Psychological Thriller from the Number One Bestseller Audiobook

Girlfriend Audiobook



This emotional thriller was something I liked about it. I feel like I’ve seen many thrillers in the last few months with the SAME storyline. So, Michelle You are an amazing writer!

The little girl kept me on my TOES (Listen). Audiobook Online – Girlfriend By Michelle Frances(I feel almost like I’m chatting about falling off the edge) In anticipation of finding out what happens between these 2 manipulative males.

Daniel comes from a wealthy family. Cherry gets fulfilled by Daniel, even though he isn’t from his side. Cherry grew up in poverty and has worked hard to make his life better with more opportunities.

Cherry and Daniel fall in love quickly and things work out for the best. We meet Laura, who is a very dynamic and interesting mother to Daniel.
Laura… clearly wants to LIKE her sweetheart, as she starts to feel that Cherry isn’t as she appears.
The Partner is a chilling domestic thriller that reveals the connection between a protective mom and a sweet child. It also shows the girl who will do anything to get between them.

Laura Cavendish is eager to please the woman who has won her child’s love. Laura is a talented, kind person despite a successful career in television, and a long, happy marriage. Cherry, his new partner, is her vision of him becoming a friend and advisor… eventually even a mother.-In-law.

Cherry is lovely and pleasant, but Laura doesn’t like her. Laura soon discovers that there is something about the way Cherry touches Daniel. Cherry seems to hate Laura, driving a wedge into mother and child until Daniel is hurt in a horrible accident. Six months later, Daniel remains in a coma. Laura also has to deal with his death. Laura makes an interesting choice and then carries out an incredible deception.

It is a good idea-Looking for a husband with a count-on fund and a St. Tropez household rental property – all of it was supposed to be Cherry’s. Now, she’s broke and jobless, rather than living with Daniel in his beautiful home. Cherry then discovers Laura’s amazing deception. Cherry is too smart and too ambitious to allow her to get away with this. She’d already made herself into Daniel’s ideal woman. Now, she will be Laura’s worst nightmare.

Author Michelle Frances Masterfully weaving both women’s perspectives into this riveting, artfully plotted psychological thriller propels the reader through one dark twist after the other to an unforgettable, shocking finale.

Domestic thrillers seem to have a resurgence and I am not disappointed. They’re fun to read and it’s fascinating to see how the author brings this type of story to life. Cherry and Laura are two of the most deplorable characters in this story. Both of these characters were made me hate them by the author! Cherry is a manipulative, self-centered and certifiable person. Laura is a numbing, egotistical and manipulative person who lives in her own bubble. However, all of her mistakes are at least rooted from a positive place. Poor Daniel being stuck between the two of these people!

This has a fantastic cover! I love a great psychological and domestic thriller! The GIRLFRIEND makes a great debut. Michelle Frances. While this thriller was lighter, I still enjoyed the book.

Laura Cavendish can’t wait to meet the woman she has fallen in love with. Despite her success in television and happy marriage, Daniel is still her primary focus. Cherry, the woman who has won Daniel’s affection, may become her close friend, and perhaps, her daughter.-In-law.

Laura is worried after meeting Cherry. Cherry doesn’t seem to be able to get to her. Laura can’t help feeling that Laura lies to Daniel and Daniel about her possessiveness towards Daniel. Laura tells a shocking lie she believes won’t be discovered after Daniel is injured in an accident. Cherry has been left homeless, without a job, and without her husband. Cherry decided to make Laura’s life a living nightmare after learning of Laura’s lies.

Cherry and Laura are characters you both love and hate. Cherry is manipulative and selfish.-Laura is absorbed and Laura lives in her fantasy world, which causes her to make terrible judgment calls. Although the ending was predictable, it was still very entertaining. You can enjoy a cat and mouse thriller between two women who are trying to get out.-If you are smarter than the others, this is one you will definitely love!

This book falls under the category of suspense novels that are more character-driven. This is a fantastic book for those who enjoy reading about the thoughts of other characters. I will be searching for more. Michelle Frances We look forward to more. A solid, entertaining debut!

Michelle Frances She describes her characters as complex, complicated and dysfunctional. Daniel, Laura’s perfect son is a doctor. Laura is a single mother with a dysfunctional marriage. Laura loves being able to play a part in her son’s lives, but it can be lonely. Michelle Frances – Girlfriend Audiobook Free Online. Daniel is a loving, giving son who has found the girl of her dreams, Cherry. Cherry is a nightmare for Laura, and rightfully so. Cherry is very ambitious. Not only in her real estate career, but in her life goals. Cherry has a higher standard of living than when she was a child, growing up in a poorer area. Cherry really wants it all at all costs.

Who said “All is fair in war and love?” This story reminds of “War of the Roses”, but between an obsessive mother and an unstable partner.