Francisco Cantú – The Line Becomes a River Audiobook

Francisco Cantú – The Line Becomes a River Audiobook (Dispatches from Border)

Francisco Cantú - The Line Becomes a River Audio Book Free

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As a As a strongly traditional individual, I was willing to explore this. book Prepare for a A strong liberal bias that would call me a Liberal. a bigot. I was ready to be annoyed that another person would print out my statement about how I don’t understand the situation regarding immigration. Although I don’t know Jose’s situation, I can understand and sympathize with his predicament. The Line Becomes a River Audiobook Free. It was a It is a relief to me to be stunned by Francisco Cantu’s book.

47 years ago, I was a resident of the Rio Grande Valley and witnessed the many complexities that this area presents. My bro was expelled. a group of young Mexican adults, as well as their polleros, were avoiding the cops. The They remained in T-Boned my siblings vehicle a Crossway and also reduced him to two.

Hispanic, a good friend of mine, is also an excellent friend. a Agent for border patrol. He has certified that he is qualified to work on Rio Grande River In watercrafts, ATVs out in the field, and has also worked at the US Border Patrol Market Head Office. We spoke often about the things he has seen and done in his years as a journalist. a Representative from CBP They are constantly being monitored by hunters on the southern side of river while they patrol the United States side. He described the smells of bodies decaying in brushlands or people being discovered under the full force of warm strokes. He actually told me about the insults they receive as polleros run back through the river. Cantu’s publication gave me the following advice a A lot of my friend’s memories were recollected. It also helps me understand. a He won’t talk about his feelings much. He is very understanding of those he has stopped. However, he insists that he must continue doing what he is doing. He truly believes that, even if he does not get rid of 1000 crossers, it will produce results. a He is one of the few truly dangerous people, and he has made a difference in his family’s life in the United States.

I have lived in Dallas for 3 1/2 year and have witnessed how much of it is being constructed undocumented. Jose and many others like him are able to keep their lives quiet and continue living in peace. Many of them have submitted to unjust therapy because it is. a There is no better option than returning to their home country. It is surprising to me that this therapy comes at the hands Latinos with legal standing.

This is a complex issue, which makes it frustrating when politicians and individuals try to simplify it. It has been repeated by all sides. It has been done mainly for personal gain, with no understanding of the repercussions of living in an area affected by this or of the lives of those who are going through it.

Thank you Mr. Cantu, this publication made me cry. It has given me the strength to help where I can. I encourage anyone who feels strongly about the US citizenship and immigration issues to include this. book Your referrals about the subject. This is a very interesting read. The In the first chapter I was not fond of him due to the unfortunate circumstances at the border. But, after that, I began to like him. Francisco Cantú – The Line Becomes a River Audio Book Online. I was so absorbed that I had to quickly review it. He merges the truths with his life. a Beautiful summaries of his experiences as a boundary patrol agent, including the people and the lives he led. He’s a Wonderful author. I would love to read more. I’m here-Line now searching for additional publications on the border as my interest rate is high! Before purchasing this bookI just checked it out a Review count-Both positive and negative. This is a favorable review. The Several of the negative testimonials are, to my mind, simply inaccessible with any kind of truth about boundary life. This publication is meant for those who wish to find and also acquire information. a Better understanding of the US’s human experience-Mexican border. This is where I live. a Real home windows into worlds and experiences that I didn’t know. The writer was both knowledgeable and qualified. I particularly appreciated the way he presented his personal experiences with specialist outside references.