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T.R. Ragan – Buried Deep Buried Deep (Jessie Cole Book 4) Audio Book 

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Buried Deep Audiobook



Private Detective Jessie Cole has returned to Zee, her budding PI and schizophrenic assistant, as well her sweetheart Investigative Colin Grayson. Ben Morrison is her neighborhood newspaper’s crime reporter.

Zee is a success as long as she takes her drug, but the unique voices that she hears are never truly gone. She believes that she would be lonely if her drugs didn’t work.

Ben was involved in an auto accident ten years ago. He has lost all memories of the time before that. Yet he does have visions/hallucinations of very violent criminal activities. T.R. Ragan – Buried Deep Audiobook Free. Are they just his imagination? Or are they giving him a glimpse into his past?-amnesia?

Jessie is active during her day. A woman asks Jessie to find her mommy, who has been opted since thirty years. Although her body was never found, her daddy was charged with her murder. He was held for ten years in prison and has always maintained his innocence.

A phone call from another state asks for her assistance in finding the girl. Her granny apparently left her a large sum of cash.

Then there is the thought of oneself-Destruction of a male who should lag bars. Many problems have been faced by young girls’ families, but none of them are the same. No one. desires him loose. There are many suspects if he is found hanging.

My story was about a family with secrets, a woman and her man kidnapped, and an individual who cannot keep his hands off of children. They are all trustworthy, but also extraordinary characters. There are many twists and turns that keep the visitor entertained.

I enjoyed getting to know Jessie, Colin and Ben more.

The Fact That The Fourth (and perhaps Last) Book in the Collection is easy to read on its own, however I recommend that you start at the beginning. This is a wonderful series!

Amazing throughout. I highly recommend this series.
Hidden Deep I see the 4th book In the PI Jessie Cole Collection as well as I certainly wish not the last… but it seemed like complete. TR Ragan She creates captivating, addictive stories with characters that feel like friends. I am a fan of her work. book Abducted was the first Lizzie Gardner publication I bought. I enjoyed it and was sad to see it end. Jessie Cole and her niece Olivia, sweetheart Cole, Zee, the schizophrenic college student, and Ben the newspaper reporter have all become dear to my heart and I enjoy getting the next installment. I’m always looking forward to the next instalment, even though this is complete.

As it is book This collection contains 4 characters. I recommend that you start with the beginning. There is so much happening to each character in every publication that you will need to be able to understand all this before you can enter Hidden Deep. You have no excuse to not review them all on kindle unlimited.

We take another roller coaster ride on this rollercoaster. book Three situations are happening simultaneously. Jessie was actually asked to assist in the search for Lacey Geiger, who disappeared many years ago and is believed to be living under a different brand.-new name in Sacramento. Zee is working on her first case and searching for Arlene. Arlene is Penny’s child who was too precious to be killed by her husband. Ben is also trying to piece together his past. As he continues to service follow-up tales about past situations, his memories begin to flash back. Ben is one the most wanted suspects after Roger Willis, a suspected paedophile, is released on bond. He was later found dead.

You can. It’s a great way to let your hair down while you read this bookYou will need to be able to follow the storylines and know where they are going. I read this issue in two sittings, and as usual, it was easy to navigate. This collection and all detective followers are my favorites. books It will be done.
These are the three scenarios in this book The tale of Lacey Geiger among the missing women was the one I found most fascinating. This actually has phases book That follows Lacey, and I was interested to know how she got into the position she is in. The storyline of Lacey was very well told and I loved how Jessie tied it all together. Concerning the missing female, Zee is the one who proactively takes care of that. I enjoyed seeing how Zee approached her work in a different way than Jessie and also how Zee truly enjoys her job. Ben’s suicide story was the most fascinating. Although I was disappointed by the outcome, I enjoyed how it brought out some interesting facts about Ben.

Jessie has two large cases on her plate and is counting on Zee more than any of the previous publications. I enjoy the closeness that has formed between them and how much Jessie has changed Zee. Buried Deep Audiobook Online. This video contains quite a lot of Colin book This was a good thing, as I enjoy Jessie’s interactions. It was a joy to see their relationship move forward and I look forward to seeing them spend more time together in the future. books. Also, there were scenes with Olivia, Jessie’s niece, and some appearances by Olivia’s beloved pet dog Higgins.

This is the last confirmation we get. book I was long aware of certain points in Ben’s history. It is unclear where the writer will take Ben’s story and how his explorations in this book will impact him going forward. I was shocked to see that Jessie and Ben didn’t interact at all in this publication. book. Although there were some scenes in which Colin was present with Ben, the story of Ben was completely different from Jessie’s.

Total Buried Deep It was just as amazing as the rest of the series, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the future. books. The collection is a great choice for thriller fans looking for strong female leads.