Valter Longo – The Longevity Diet Audiobook

Valter Longo – The Longevity Diet Audiobook

Valter Longo - The Longevity Diet Audio Book Free

The Longevity Diet Audiobook Online


The Most people want to live a happy, long and healthy life. What is the best way to boost your body’s abilities to promote mobile security, renewal and regeneration? Valter Longo As a scientist and director of the Durability Institute (USC), Ph.D. helps to answer that question. He’s been researching this subject for over 20 years. I was honored to be the editor and founder for the most popular natural health website. LongoI am able to upload a complete testimonial about the publication of’s publication.

Researching the effects of yeast malnourishment has led to this: Longo It was discovered that sugar can increase aging and lead to premature death. The Longevity Diet Audiobook Free. He also found that protein restriction has many metabolic benefits. Therefore, he recommends significantly lowering protein intake. Longo Recommendations include limiting protein to 0.31 to 0.36 grams per extra pound. This would imply that a majority of people will reduce their protein intake by approximately two.-thirds. For 150 lbs, 50 grams of healthy proteins would be sufficient.

Consuming high levels of healthy protein can cause your body to stop its ability to regenerate. These blocks are removed and your stem cells can be activated. After that, the body goes through a significant regrowth stage as well as rejuvenation. This is why intermittent fasting (or fasting) is better than chronic caloric restriction. The The refeeding phase after starvation is over, “magic”, really occurs.

Refeeding is an essential part of rebuilding your body. You can reduce calories but not eat enough. While starvation triggers autophagy and turns on stem cells in the body, refeeding triggers healing. For optimal health and wellbeing, both are necessary.

It is LongoI was convinced by a research study from’s that multiculturalism is possible.-Day water fasting is one the most powerful metabolic interventions. There is nothing else that compares. This is because it switches your cells to an “anti” shielded environment.-It is an anti-aging environment. This promotes autophagy and changes cell components with new practical ones through activation of stem cells. I now do a five-Day water-It is best to do it once per month and also advise it for most people– provided you are prepared.

I found water fasting to be easy by following a simple rule: no eating for 20 hours per day for a minimum period of one month. You should consult your doctor before you start taking any type of drug. Certain drugs can cause problems if taken with food or may be harmful if your body chemistry is normalized. Antihypoglycemic and antihypoglycemic medication users should be aware of the risks.-Hypertensive medications are particularly at risk because they could overdose.

Longo The fasting simulating diet is not recommended for pregnant women, those with a reduced body mass (or who struggle with anorexia), elders over 70, anyone with a delicate condition, and people with liver and kidney disease. Your doctor should be contacted if you have persistent illnesses. He or she should also closely monitor you.

One of the strongest suggestions is in LongoThis publication explains how to integrate the fasting technique into cancer treatment. This will greatly increase the efficacy of the treatment for cancer cells and will reduce the adverse side effects. His book, Longo Animal research has shown that a fasting similar diet combined with treadmill exercise results in better muscle maintenance and a decrease in sarcopenia. Both strategies served their purpose, but it was surprising that neither one did.

LongoA study by’s also found that fasting decreases swelling in the skin and can help with inflammatory diseases like dermatitis. Nearly half of all cancer cells are eliminated. Notably, cancers are also greatly delayed, and many growths are more benign than fatal. Valter Longo – The Longevity Diet Audio Book Online. Additionally, cognition is also better. Computer mice that had been fed the fasting-imitating diet twice a month did better cognitively than those who had the routine diet.
You immune system can also be improved, which will help you live longer. There is a decrease in risk factors for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer and an improvement in the pens for aging. If you’re interested in improving not only the length of your life but also the quality and quantity of your remaining years, you should look into this. book To understand how biology can be used to best achieve this goal.